Dust prepared life on Earth. 300 millions years ago, when the world was at its dustiest, the carbon content in iron dust acted as a fertilizer for the first creatures. This is what caused life to thrive; the very same life that continues to this very day. But, all of this happened in ancient times. Now, if any person or creature lives in an abundantly dusty place, they would be in trouble.

Another study, published online in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, further indicted dust as detrimental to human health. Researchers discovered that there is a link between occupational exposure to textile dust and rheumatoid arthritis (although it was an accelerator of the issue, not the source). Nonetheless, it’s never good for business when your workers get sick.

Maintaining General Safety

Here at Dual Draw, we implore you to treat your workers’ safety as a top priority. You are simply delaying industrial workplace health and safety concerns if you do not treat dust problems with urgency.

There are a number of dust collection solutions available to your business, such as DualDraw downdraft booths and air filtration systems. More often than not, you can even model to maximize operational flow and production efficiency.

It’s easy to determine whether your business needs special air ventilation equipment. Most industrial environments have this requirement, as they need people on the manufacturing floor performing various applications such as sawing, grinding, sanding, cutting, welding, gluing, and blending. These all release industrial dust and fumes likely harmful to your employees’ health. Don’t wait for someone to complain, because more often than not, many of them may already be suffering without noticeable symptoms.

At Dual Draw, you will find downdraft booths, downdraft tables, air ventilation systems, and various fume and dust collectors. We will help you design and choose what works best for your organization. Breathing fresh air is a relief not only to workers but management as well when a problem such as dust control is addressed.

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