23 12, 2015

Health Hazards of Metal Fume | Dual Draw


Metal Fume Fever: Every Industrial Worker’s Enemy Industrial manufacturing processes often produce fumes that can easily harm the health of the workers if not controlled. A common condition experienced in a manufacturing setting by operators is metal fume fever. This illness presents influenza-type symptoms. There are no specific signs of metal fume poisoning, but are mostly flu-like. Signs

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18 02, 2015

Dust Collection with DualDraw


There are countless examples that can be used to pinpoint the dangers of combustible dust. Whether you are looking at the amount of deaths caused by the various forms of combustible dust or the amount of injuries, it is a grim view. For example, in 2010, three workers were killed in an explosion in

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7 02, 2015

Safely Dealing With Chemical Exposure


Chemicals are sometimes a normal part of a workplace. Many laboratories deal with industrial strength chemicals that must be handled with extreme caution on a daily basis. No matter the amount of industrial safety precautions taken, there is a chance that you or your workers could experience chemical exposure in ways that could be

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