12 12, 2016

Ultrafine Dust: How Clean is 3D Printing?

3D printers are much like your typical inkjet printer, except instead of putting a layer of ink on a page, they place layer upon layer of a material typically a molten layer of polymer. When completed, these layers form a 3D object. According to 3DPrinting.com, several different technologies are commonly used including: vat photo polymerization,

18 12, 2015

Dust: The Silent Killer in Construction Sites | Dual Draw

A little dust here and there might not seem like that big of a deal; frequently operators work longer than they should without adequate air filtration or safety masks. From drilling, sawing, grinding, sanding, chiseling, cabling and even sweeping, however, the activities inside construction sites produce an extremely dangerous amount of hazardous dust. In fact, in a recent survey

8 04, 2015

Controlling Combustible Dust Hazards

As OSHA moves toward widespread, clearly stated regulation of combustible dust hazards, it’s becoming apparent that the situation is finally being taken very seriously. Because of the numerous deadly accidents, more and more companies are taking steps towards combustible dust control, not wanting to risk becoming the next headline in the papers. It’s a daunting

18 02, 2015

Dust Collection with DualDraw

There are countless examples that can be used to pinpoint the dangers of combustible dust. Whether you are looking at the amount of deaths caused by the various forms of combustible dust or the amount of injuries, it is a grim view. For example, in 2010, three workers were killed in an explosion in West

24 04, 2014

How to determine which downdraft table is the right solution

Do you have an air quality problem? Are you trying to determine if a downdraft table is the right solution? Below are two steps to start your process on how to best select a downdraft table that is just right for you. If you are unfamiliar with industrial air filtration systems that help contain dust

14 04, 2014

WSJ Article: Combustible-Dust Explosions Prompt Calls for More Oversight

Below is a link to an article from the Wall Street Journal (April 9, 2014) on combustible dust with some good information about the current status of the regulatory environment on this important safety topic. Is your organization taking the necessary precautions to prevent a potentially fatal explosive dust accident?  We, at DualDraw, can work

11 04, 2013

New OSHA resource addresses procedures for combating combustible dust fires

The following press release, issued April 1, 2013, from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, addresses procedures for combating combustible dust fires OSHA issues new resource to protect emergency workers at combustible dust fires WASHINGTON – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today published Firefighting Precautions at Facilities with Combustible Dust*, a new, informative booklet that outlines

1 03, 2013

OSHA Article on Combustible Dust, 3/1/2013

Here is an interesting note via the OSHA newsletter (3/1/2013) about a citation involving Combustible Dust. OSHA cites 3 companies after combustible dust flash fire claims lives of 2 workers at Texas work site OSHA has cited Watco Mechanical Services, Jordan General Contractors Inc. and JP Electric after a combustible dust flash fire claimed the

7 02, 2013

DualDraw Solutions for Aircraft Manufacturing Customers

Systech Design, located in the mid Atlantic region, has been a well qualified distributor of DualDraw dust and fume collection products for many years. Experts in helping their customers solve tough air quality problems, Systech recently leveraged DualDraw products to improve and make safer certain production processes for a multi-national aircraft manufacturing customer. This particular

25 10, 2012

DualDraw Products for Dust Collection

Seems like dust is everywhere nowadays, doesn’t it? Well, dust isn’t just a work-place nuisance. Certain kinds of dust are hazardous to employees when inhaled, are dangerous as potential combustibles, or can cross-contaminate adjacent sensitive processes or equipment in a facility. At DualDraw, our patented air filtration solutions efficiently contain and filter any type of