DualDraw is approached by customers from a wide variety of industries – if their application is producing a dust or fume that is uncontrollable then chances are that we can help. Our business model approaches each customer the same: it starts with our staff working directly with you to gain a deep level of understanding of your particular application and the unique challenges you may have.

A common theme present in industries that produce dust or fumes are processes that break down a substance into finer particulates, the result of which is a dust or fume that needs to be contained. Despite this common theme, it is unusual for our team to come across two customers performing a particular process exactly the same. The fine details – part size, weight, volume, positioning, ergonomics, interference issues, etc – are important to capture and smartly use to craft a solution that is just right for you. Fortunately, our modular design lends itself to many changes that can be accomplished cost-effectively without adding significant dollars or lead time to the project.
Our active listening approach and focus on understanding the customer are part of what sets DualDraw apart in the marketplace and make our solution unique to your situation. We have selected a few examples of fume and dust-producing industries below that demonstrate the breadth of our solutions.


Custom BG3060 60″ 2500 CFM Downdraft Table with Solid Stainless Steel Work Surface, Stainless Steel Perforated Back Stop, Tool Shelves and HEPA Filtration

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing:  DualDraw has been an active partner for many years with a leading 3D printing / additive manufacturing company.  We produce for them a small downdraft table that filters bonding and adhesive fumes from a post-printing process. These units are shipped around the world through our OEM relationship.  Additionally, we directly provide dust collector products to many customers who are working with 3D printers and need to contain the dust from the finishing process. Oftentimes, this dust is considered combustible and proper precautions need to be incorporated into the design to properly and safely handle the dust.

Positive Pressure HEPA Filtration System:  Working in collaboration with a leading aerospace company, we engineered a positive pressure system used to inflate an oversized industrial balloon that surrounded a space vehicle being shipped from port to launching pad. This balloon was used to protect the vehicle from any potential degradation from the salt water.  All components needed to be rated to handle harsh, marine environments.

Dinosaur Bones:  A highly-recognized national university opened a lab for students in their archaeology department to study dinosaur skeletons.  Some of the work performed focused on bone examination, which included some cutting and sawing of bones. This process produces a significant amount of dust that needs to be contained. DualDraw designed a downdraft solution that allows instructors and students to perform their work while other students observe. These dust collector products included a specialized enclosure and a custom fan selection to ensure proper face and capture velocities are maintained while the work is performed.

Fish Hooks:  A national outdoor company that manufactures fishing gear contacted us to address the significant amount of airborne dust cross-contaminating their facility from their fish hook sharpening process.  We worked with them to modify their proprietary fish hook making equipment to allow for the placement of multiple hoods and ducting that carried dust to a central cartridge style filtration unit.

Anti-Terrorism:  DualDraw works with various private and government organizations in their efforts to protect the homeland.  Many of our units are used to protect operators in mail centers from potentially lethal incoming mail. Despite the length of time since the events of 9/11, many organizations still receive threatening mail on a regular basis that needs to be carefully handled and contained.  DualDraw is proud of our many solutions being used for this purpose.

Rock Sampling: Our downdraft tables are used by a mining company exclusively to capture dust from their sampling operation.  They need to continually sample the soil and rocks to ensure they continue to excavate the targeted minerals. Our dust collector products protect their operators from potentially hazardous materials naturally present.

Fingerprinting: We have a number of our units currently being used to capture dust from fingerprinting operations for various local and state law enforcement agencies. This important process creates a significant amount of fugitive dust that needs to be captured and contained.

We would enjoy an opportunity to speak with you about your needs for unique applications. Contact DualDraw today to further discuss our dust collector products.