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12 12, 2016

Ultrafine Dust: How Clean is 3D Printing?


3D printers are much like your typical inkjet printer, except instead of putting a layer of ink on a page, they place layer upon layer of a material typically a molten layer of polymer. When completed, these layers form a 3D object. According to 3DPrinting.com, several different technologies are commonly used including: vat photo

Ultrafine Dust: How Clean is 3D Printing?2022-09-16T16:56:56+00:00
28 11, 2016

The Art and Science of Dust


Here at Dual Draw, we're fascinated by dust. It's everywhere, and has been since the dawn of time. Layer upon layer upon layer of dust have buried civilizations. These layers, over the eons, tell us the story of earth -- if we're willing to look. Where Dust Comes From As you run your finger

The Art and Science of Dust2020-05-08T20:10:01+00:00
24 03, 2016

Combustible Categories | Dual Draw


Here at Dual Draw, we’ve talked a lot about combustible dust, and how people expose themselves to danger without even knowing they may be in harms way. We have posted about requirements you should know about when handling combustible dust, as well as some methods of controlling them. We have yet to discuss the different

Combustible Categories | Dual Draw2019-06-20T23:37:39+00:00
17 03, 2016

Dust: An Accelerator of Rheumatoid Arthritis | Dual Draw


Dust prepared life on Earth. 300 millions years ago, when the world was at its dustiest, the carbon content in iron dust acted as a fertilizer for the first creatures. This is what caused life to thrive; the very same life that continues to this very day. But, all of this happened in ancient

Dust: An Accelerator of Rheumatoid Arthritis | Dual Draw2020-07-10T19:14:54+00:00
23 12, 2015

Health Hazards of Metal Fume | Dual Draw


Metal Fume Fever: Every Industrial Worker’s Enemy Industrial manufacturing processes often produce fumes that can easily harm the health of the workers if not controlled. A common condition experienced in a manufacturing setting by operators is metal fume fever. This illness presents influenza-type symptoms. There are no specific signs of metal fume poisoning, but are mostly flu-like. Signs

Health Hazards of Metal Fume | Dual Draw2022-12-09T17:22:57+00:00
18 12, 2015

Dust: The Silent Killer in Construction Sites | Dual Draw


A little dust here and there might not seem like that big of a deal; frequently operators work longer than they should without adequate air filtration or safety masks. From drilling, sawing, grinding, sanding, chiseling, cabling and even sweeping, however, the activities inside construction sites produce an extremely dangerous amount of hazardous dust. In fact, in a recent

Dust: The Silent Killer in Construction Sites | Dual Draw2023-02-17T17:03:38+00:00
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