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The signature DualDraw Downdraft Table with Vented Back Stop, our “BG” Series, combines versatility with capture efficiency.  The DualDraw patented symmetrical airflow design combines downdraft and backdraft velocity to capture hazardous dust or fumes.  This design comes standard with pin hinged removable side-wings and the perforated vented back stop, standing 24” off the work surface.  Filtration is configured to your specific application.

The most versatile of our downdraft designs, the “FT” Series Flat Top Downdraft Tables provide users with 360 degree access to perform their application.  Often used by customers that have operators on both sides of the table or need access to all sides of a part for processing, our Flat Top Downdraft Tables ensure that, while performing a demanding application, operator breathing zones are protected and cross contamination of facilities is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our “WC” series incorporates water filtration for combustible dust with the signature DualDraw downdraft and backdraft approach for efficient dust capture.  DualDraw is the only vendor of wet scrubber systems for combustible dust that has had its specific design tested for collection efficiency.  Our gold-standard design for our dust collection tables ensures that your combustible dust challenges are addressed. This filtration solution is constructed of 100% 304 Stainless steel – built to last in a wet environment.  We back these downdraft tables up with our multi-year warranty on parts and labor.

The DualDraw Portable Downdraft Table, our “PT” series, is our most popular downdraft design. This compact workhorse comes standard with heavy-duty locking caster wheels, a hooded enclosure that opens up for versatility, a handy tool crib, and a small footprint for effective placement in a crowded facility. Solutions come with an epoxy based powder coat paint finish and are wired 115V single phase for a quick, out-of-the-box installation.

Heavy-duty, multi-shift dust or fume producing applications require a heavy-duty solution.  Our Self-Cleaning Downdraft Table with Vented Back Stop combines our signature “BG” series with a robust back-end filtration system.  Using industry-leading cartridge filtration that efficiently releases dust and fume when purged, these downdraft tables increase operator up-time and decrease long-term filter replacement costs.  Vertically aligned cartridge filters and high-quality purging technology ensure efficient cleaning every purge cycle.

These downdraft tables are designed to capture dry combustible dust in a safe manner. Our line of downdraft tables for dry combustible dust collection follow design guidelines taken directly from national NFPA standards. Non-spark work surfaces, AMCA Spark Class B fan wheels, Class II, Division I electrical conduit, and other features enhance the safety features on this design to help you effectively capture dry combustible dust.

Our “LB” Series Desktop Downdraft Tables are a compact, space-saving, air filtration solution that provides excellent dust or fume capture when facility space is tight.  Designed to sit on top of an existing work surface, the LB style incorporates the patented DualDraw symmetrical airflow design to trap dust or fumes in its filtration system which sits above the downdraft enclosure.  Filters are configured specifically to address your particular application.

Versatile, heavy-duty, and compact. This describes our patent-pending Self-Cleaning Downdraft Table design. With vertically aligned cartridge filters “under the hood”, this solution incorporates our versatile “BG” series with a robust filtration system – built for long-term use with minimal filter replacement.  All this downdraft wrapped into a space-efficient footprint for ease of placement in your crowded facility.

Patented Downdraft Table Design –
Configured to Meet Your Requirements

A DualDraw downdraft table is a utility workstation that helps eliminate facility cross-contamination and protect operator breathing zones. This is accomplished by drawing down dust, smoke, and other fine particles generated from a work process. For added capture efficiency of dust and fumes, most of our welding downdraft table designs incorporate the DualDraw proprietary vented back stop – a perforated vertical wall that not only physically helps enclose a particular application but also draws in the dirty air. This feature of our DualDraw downdraft tables is particularly helpful when an application requires processing work that is above the downdraft work surface, such as a large part that needs a top edge deburred.

With few exceptions, our downdraft sanding tables are modular in design and configured to specifically fit your application in size, airflow, and filtration. In particular, selecting proper air filtration for your DualDraw downdraft table is critical and that is why each filter system in our downdraft tables is selected based on what is the best to address the hazardous material(s) being generated during your application. A wide variety of air filtration options are available for our downdraft tables – pleated panel filters, activated carbon, air filter bags, HEPA, self-cleaning cartridge filters, water filtration, and others. DualDraw downdraft tables are self-contained and most often the exhaust from our tables do not require venting outdoors.

The result of the DualDraw approach to helping you select a downdraft table for your particular hazard will be a tested solution that has an immediate positive impact your facility’s indoor air quality condition and your personnel’s well being. Select from the downdraft tables seen here on this page to see more detail on our different DualDraw downdraft table design options. Some options include downdraft sanding tables, downdraft fume tables, downdraft grinding tables – consult with one of our sales engineer’s today to decide what is right for your application.

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