DualDraw Replacement Filters

For a quote on commercial air filter replacements contact our Filters Sales Representative at 1-800-977-2125 or filtersales@dualdraw.com.

DualDraw offers a variety of air filter media to help solve dust and fume issues. Used in a wide range of DualDraw equipment, air filters are specific to each individual customer and their specific DualDraw units. For these reasons, is important to work closely with DualDraw staff when re-ordering filters to ensure your DualDraw downdraft equipment continues to optimally address your indoor air quality concerns. Be sure to ask us about our Discounted Replacement Filter programs – our discounting levels are significant and we can help simplify your re-ordering process.

Every customer application requires a careful approach to ensure proper air filtration. DualDraw’s experienced staff works closely with each customer to select proper air filter media for their application. Using DualDraw commercial air filter replacements not only ensures you are using the correct style for the substances needed to capture in order to protect your operators and facility, but also provides confidence that your DualDraw industrial equipment is functioning properly. Oftentimes when non-DualDraw air filters are used, overall system pressure is not taken into account which can lead to poor industrial equipment performance and unforeseen maintenance issues.

Some of the different types ofcommercial air filter replacements DualDraw has to offer include: panel style filters, HEPA filter screens, activated carbon media, dust bag filters, metal mesh spark arrestor filters to capture sparks, and self-cleaning cartridge style filters. All of the above equipment air filter replacements come in a variety of sizes and efficiency ratings. Please consult with a DualDraw filter media specialist to be certain that you are using the correct type of air filter media for your application.

Call us at 1-800-977-2125 or email us at filtersales@dualdraw.com today for additional information regarding our commercial air filter replacements. Thank you!