Dust Explosion(1)

Addressing combustible dust hazards is a challenging and often times expensive endeavor. The regulatory environment is complex and many times it is difficult to determine if your dust collection equipment is compliant and will work effectively to mitigate risk of a potential dust explosion.

DualDraw offers both experience and understanding in helping customers handle their combustible dust issues. Our in-house team of experts closely follows the national regulatory environment including the latest combustible dust related information and standards released from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and OSHA. It is critical that we understand how the law applies to our industrial equipment so that we can intelligently guide our customers towards a solution best suited to safely and cost-effectively address their specific application. The above industry knowledge combined with the practical experience spread over many years of helping thousands of customers safely mitigate their combustible dust hazard positions DualDraw as a market leader among its peers.

We have a full line of dust collection equipment designed specifically for the capture of combustible dust. If you are working with aluminum, titanium, or magnesium you will want to consider our industrial products designed to capture these dangerous metal dusts and eliminate combustible dust hazards. Customers working in the building materials, food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical, grain, or coal industries should also carefully examine their dust for combustibility and consider their need for compliant dust collection equipment.

DualDraw offers guidance to customers on combustible dust testing, particle size testing, and how to obtain a Dust Hazard Analysis. These steps are important to help develop a complete understanding of the hazard and to ensure proper and cost-effective dust collection equipment selection. Please give us a call at any time to discuss your combustible dust questions, the current national regulatory environment, or how our dust collection equipment is designed to help you safely address this challenging issue.
Below are links to some DualDraw product categories that can help address combustible dust hazards.

Please browse these categories of dust collection systems or contact us now to further discuss your industrial safety needs.

Wet Dust Collectors
Dry Downdraft Equipment for Combustible Dust
Wet and Dry Walk-In Clean Air Stations
Wet and Dry Stand-Alone Filter Systems for Combustible Dust