An SAF is a good choice in many circumstances due to the variety of ways it can be used in a facility. Critical to the success of the portable dust collection systems is how the hazard is addressed at its source. For this reason, working closely with the DualDraw technical sales team is important. While we have standard industrial dust filter product offerings that fit most applications, we also frequently engineer customized industrial systems that specifically address the sources of concern within a customer’s facility.

Some of our engineered SAF systems are designed to provide filtration to numerous locations throughout a facility and need to take into account various customer-provided industrial ventilation engineering principles. DualDraw works with customers to receive necessary inputs to finalize designs and ensure effectiveness of the portable dust collection systems.

A popular option on the smaller, more mobile-friendly SAF systems is the addition of heavy-duty caster wheels and a fume extraction arm. Articulating arms are a straight-forward way to address an application that may not lend itself to a downdraft table or otherwise be challenging to apply source capture methods to the emission source. The addition of a fume extraction arm also works well if the portable dust collection systems will be applied throughout a work day to various dust or fume producing applications located throughout a facility. Fume extractor arms for portable dust collectors can be specified in different sizes to accommodate customer requirements.

Each industrial dust filter unit comes equipped with a differential pressure gauge to help operators identify when a filter change is necessary. Portable dust collection systems are simple to maintain with easily accessible clean out areas and hand-accessed air filter compartments.

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Stand Alone Filter Systems with Pleated Filtration

Our original “SAF” series, these portable filter systems are highly versatile and often used to capture dust or fumes through ducting to a hood, enclosure, or a machine with a duct attachment.  Depending on customer application requirements, your industrial dust collection system can be configured with HEPA filtration, dust bags, pleated barrier style filtration, or activated carbon filtration for fume control.  Portable dust control solutions come with the off-the-shelf high-quality DualDraw fan but can also accept a wide variety of custom fan packages, selected by DualDraw engineers to fit your particular application requirements.


Stand-Alone Filter Systems with Extraction Arms


Our “SAF” systems that have been configured with an extraction arm make for an optimal solution that can be placed just about anywhere in your facility for dust or fume capture.  Easily manipulated by hand, these portable dust control solutions are plug-and-play – they typically are wired 115V and come ready to start extracting your dust or fumes.  Filtration is configured based on your particular application to ensure effectiveness.


Stand Alone Scrubber Systems with Water Filtration

These independent wet scrubbers are an excellent choice when fixed hoods, enclosures, or machines exist where the application is producing combustible dust.  The “SAF-WS” series can be ducted to one or multiple pick-up points.  Fan selection is based on obtaining the required NFPA duct velocity for the transport of combustible dust.  The DualDraw wet filtration design is the only design in the market that has been specifically tested for efficiency by an independent third party and is backed by a multi-year warranty on parts and labor.


Stand-Alone Filter Systems for Dry Combustible Dust

Built based on design guidelines set forth in various NFPA publications, the DualDraw “SAF-AL” systems for the capture of dry combustible dust are a versatile filtration solutions that can be used in a variety of ways to capture your combustible dust. Often these industrial portable dust collector systems are ducted to a hood, enclosure, grinder, saw, or other dust producing machine. Portable dust control systems can also be fitted with an extraction arm if desired.


Stand-Alone Filter Systems with Cartridge Filtration

A solid solution for your cutting table or robotic weld cell dust collection needs, the “SAF-SC” series is a modular dust collector designed for heavy-duty use.  Air is cleaned through the use of vertically aligned industry-leading cartridge filters that efficiently capture hazardous emissions.  These versatile solutions can be ducted to a single or multiple sources – cutting tables (plasma, laser, router), weld cells, grinders, saws, sanders, etc.  DualDraw engineers work closely with customers to ensure accurate duct velocity for the particular application and optimal air-to-cloth ratios for efficient use of industrial dust filters.


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