509, 2018

Combustible Dust:  Resources to Help Your Business

Combustible dust -- how to reduce it, control it, mitigate the potential risks it poses, and comply with regulations regarding it -- is a critical issue for industries, including: agriculture, chemicals, food, plastics, wood, paper, pulp, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and metal processing. A google search

607, 2018

Maintaining Your Dust Collector and Downdraft Table

Once you’ve made the investment in technology and personnel to install and operate a dust collection system, the next step is to put a robust maintenance program in place.  An effective dust collection housekeeping and maintenance system will not only extend the lifetime of

106, 2018

Implementing Combustible Dust Safety

Implementing Combustible Dust Safety Customers often ask: “I think my business needs to do something about combustible dust. Where do I begin?” That is a good sign. It means a company is being proactive. Instead of waiting for an OSHA inspection, they want to

1212, 2016

Ultrafine Dust: How Clean is 3D Printing?

3D printers are much like your typical inkjet printer, except instead of putting a layer of ink on a page, they place layer upon layer of a material typically a molten layer of polymer. When completed, these layers form a 3D object. According to

2811, 2016

The Art and Science of Dust

Here at Dual Draw, we're fascinated by dust. It's everywhere, and has been since the dawn of time. Layer upon layer upon layer of dust have buried civilizations. These layers, over the eons, tell us the story of earth -- if we're willing to

2403, 2016

Combustible Categories | Dual Draw

Here at Dual Draw, we’ve talked a lot about combustible dust, and how people expose themselves to danger without even knowing they may be in harms way. We have posted about requirements you should know about when handling combustible dust, as well as some methods

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