23 12, 2015

Health Hazards of Metal Fume | Dual Draw


Metal Fume Fever: Every Industrial Worker’s Enemy Industrial manufacturing processes often produce fumes that can easily harm the health of the workers if not controlled. A common condition experienced in a manufacturing setting by operators is metal fume fever. This illness presents influenza-type symptoms. There are no specific signs of metal fume poisoning, but are mostly flu-like. Signs

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8 04, 2015

Controlling Combustible Dust Hazards


As OSHA moves toward widespread, clearly stated regulation of combustible dust hazards, it’s becoming apparent that the situation is finally being taken very seriously. Because of the numerous deadly accidents, more and more companies are taking steps towards combustible dust control, not wanting to risk becoming the next headline in the papers. It’s a daunting

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21 03, 2015

Smoke & Fume Dangers and Precautions


Dangerous levels of fume and smoke concentration are a common fact in the welding industry, and sometimes a normal part of the job. These industrial fumes can prove a deadly hazard to workers forced to endure long periods of exposure. Welding is a huge culprit of deadly smoke and hazardous fumes that can cause

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