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Self-Cleaning Downdraft Tables with Vented Back Stop

These tables use both downdraft and backdraft (the signature “DualDraw” approach) and are designed to handle heavy-duty applications that naturally lend themselves to a work surface and produce significant volumes of dust or fumes. Example applications are a two or three shift facility routinely performing deburring or grinding. Or, a continuous welding operation performed by welders on hand-held parts. The internal filter cleaning technology uses bursts of compressed air to clean the filter of its accumulated dust or fume, thus extending the life of the filters and reducing long-term filter replacement costs.


Self-Cleaning Cartridge Downdraft Booths

These hooded booths use the signature “DualDraw” approach of both downdraft and backdraft, offer a maximum containment design, and are made to handle heavy-duty applications easily enclosed by three sides. Many customers prefer the booth design (TB Style) for applications that require maximum containment and capture efficiency of heavy-loading dust or fume. Self-cleaning air filter technology utilizes compressed air that, when released, purges clean the cartridge filter of accumulated dust or fume.  Regularly cleaning these filters extends their life and reduces long-term filter replacement costs.


Self-Cleaning Flat Top Downdraft Tables

Flat Top Downdraft Tables configured with Self-Cleaning Cartridge Filters are a compact solution to just about any process generating dust or fume that lends itself to a work surface. 360 degree access to the table work surface make these solutions incredibly versatile. All while reducing consumable costs by extending the life of the dust cartridge filters through the use of pulse cleaning technology. Designed for continuous, heavy-duty applications, these tables will keep on performing where others are challenged by space or filter capacity.


Self-Cleaning Walk-In Clean Air Station

Walk-In Clean Air Stations are an unparalleled solution to the most challenging dust and fume issues.  Enclosing an entire process in a three-sided room with a ceiling ensures maximum containment and operational versatility. When configured with self-cleaning air filters this solution also increases operational up-time, decreases replacement of filters, and saves precious preventative maintenance dollars. Designed to address heavy-duty applications, these booths can be configured in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate nearly every indoor dust or fume producing application known to human kind.


Self-Cleaning Stand-Alone Filter Systems

Stand-Alone Filter Systems provide exceptional air filtration of dust or fumes through numerous approaches. Individually engineered to address specific customer requirements, solutions are easily ducted to a wide variety of sources – enclosures, hoods, saws, drills, sanders, grinders, routers, lasers, and plasma cutting table are a few examples. Self-cleaning filters can also be fitted with extraction arms of varying lengths and diameters. When configured with Self-Cleaning cartridge filters, units provide humankind industrial air filtration for heavy-duty applications.


DualDraw Self-Cleaning Dust & Fume Cartridge Collectors use pulse cleaning technology that is either manually or automatically initiated. Dust or fume particles are dislodged from self-cleaning dust collector cartridge filters using compressed air blasts through industry-proven Goyen nozzles and cartridge filter cleaning cones. Pressure is evenly spread throughout the dust collector filter cartridges, dislodging particulate in the most efficient and thorough cleaning manner. This allows for maximum dust filter life and reduced maintenance and consumable costs.

A vertical dust cartridge filter configuration is used on most units and allows for the most efficient cleaning of filters, using gravity to its advantage.  Vertical alignment of dust collector cartridge filters also avoids re-entry of dust back onto the filters after a cleaning cycle – a common challenge experienced in collectors with horizontally aligned cartridge dust filters.

The Self-Cleaning cartridge filter configuration is available on all DualDraw equipment styles: Downdraft Tables and Booths, Stand-Alone Filtration Systems, and Walk-In Clean Air Stations. This self-cleaning dust collector cartridge filter configuration works well with most heavy-duty applications although it should be avoided when dealing with combustible dust due to the dispersion it creates when a filter is purged.  Discuss your particular application with a DualDraw Application Specialist to determine the best cartridge collectors for your particular situation.

The designs of these cartridge collectors are also easily modified to particular customer needs.  We always begin our evaluation process by first fully understanding the customer problem.  Then, we review our standard designs for a solution and, if needed, fine-tune the end product. Solutions are often cost-effectively modified to meet exact customer requirements specific to a customer process or overall operation. All DualDraw equipment comes with a multi-year warranty on parts and labor and is guaranteed with a money back promise unmatched in the marketplace. Contact us today to discuss any questions you may have and the particulars of your current situation.

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