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Why DualDraw? We will help you breathe easier.

In 1995, DualDraw was founded with the goal to help people breathe easier. Running a busy job shop, we came to realize our technicians were experiencing serious health issues due to the inhalation of welding fume and grinding dust. This caused concern about our employees’ well-being. We felt the negative business impact of employee absenteeism from this hazard and also were experiencing significant facility cross contamination. The airborne dust was contaminating sensitive processes and causing expensive equipment to breakdown. Something had to be done.

This prompted the design and build of our first downdraft table and a fume and dust extraction company was born. The solution worked so well that we patented the technology and began marketing our industrial air-cleaning equipment. Today, we continue to accomplish our founding objective of helping people breathe easier. Not only through the improvement of employee health but also through helping owners and management of organizations navigate the complexities of complying with indoor air quality regulations from agencies such as OSHA and NFPA.

Our patented dust extraction systems, downdraft systems, walk-in clean air stations, stand alone filter systems, and other industrial air cleaning equipment help numerous organizations both domestically and internationally. We hope we have the opportunity to help you as well.

What People Are Saying About DualDraw

We worked with the knowledgeable DualDraw technical sales staff to help us select the proper equipment to address our combustible aluminum dust hazard from a sanding operation. We appreciated the time they took to thoroughly explain the various NFPA standards and how their equipment follows these guidelines. The downdraft tables are used daily and have performed excellent!
Tama-Lisa Johnson, Buyer, Pioneer Industries Manufacturing
We have ordered multiple DualDraw downdraft tables to help us address our air quality challenges from various applications. Including the capture of combustible aluminum dust – a hazard we take very seriously due to the explosion concerns. The company and their distributors have always been willing and able to work with me on any slight modifications that were needed for my particular applications. The equipment works great and DualDraw’s professionalism and follow-through has been top notch for all of my projects
Eric Pierstorff, Continuous Integration Process Engineer, Crown Equipment Corporation

The four downdraft tables we purchased are great. Our employees really like them – a lot cleaner and healthier. They are working really well! Thank you DualDraw for your help addressing our air quality issue.

Preston Kemp, President, Norbrook Plating Inc

Popular DualDraw FAQ’s:

We hold certain patents that are specific to the design of our air filtration equipment including our downdraft tables and booths (US Patent 5,807,414. 6,290,740, and US Patents Pending Application Numbers 15345259 and 15345287). The symmetrical airflow that is created as a result of the perforated design of the table surface and vented back set us apart in the marketplace.  We also are the only manufacturer that has tested our wet collector scrubber design independently tested for efficiency.  This design is used in our wet downdraft tables.  Please ask us for the report today!
Absolutely. We have many satisfied customers across the country and internationally that use our downdraft equipment. Call us and we will put you in touch with a few that can speak to you about our product and their experience with our company.
Typically we can easily arrange for this to happen through our experienced network of nationwide distributors or direct with a representative from our factory. More often, the application is something we have addressed multiple times and through some questioning we will be able to quickly determine if there is a good fit between our product and your situation. If the application is complex or there are other reasons that necessitate a visit, we are more than happy to work with you to make this happen.
We specialize in customization. Call us today to begin working with our design team.
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