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DualDraw Walk-In Clean Air Stations, our “WI” series, are three-sided enclosed units with a ceiling that can address the most challenging indoor air quality challenges. Large volumes of air move through the booth structure and are drawn through the back filtration walls, or PowerWalls.  PowerWall modules are linked together to accommodate customer defined widths. The standard depth and height of a walk-in filtration room is 8’, however, booths can be configured to handle nearly all customer depth and height requirements.


For heavy-duty applications that don’t lend themselves easily to a work surface and where maximum operator and process versatility is needed, DualDraw offers its “WI” Series Walk-In Clean Air Stations with self-cleaning cartridge filtration.  Self-cleaning air filters are cleaned using high-quality purging components – ensuring long-lasting filter life and reduced consumable cost. Cleaning access is from inside the filtration room, making maintenance simple and easy for operators.


Wet Walk-Ins are most often used to enclose challenging combustible dust producing applications – ensuring the most effective capture of this highly regulated hazard. Placing a three-sided clean air unit around your process gives your dangerous, light, airborne dust nowhere to go except into the wet scrubber modules located on the back wall of these booths. The DualDraw wet scrubber design has been independently tested by a third-party industrial hygiene company for efficiency – the only scrubber design on the market today that has had this kind of rigorous testing performed.


Walk-In clean air stations are used by a wide variety of customers who need to capture dust or fumes but also require operational flexibility to allow work processes to be performed unencumbered. Multi-step processes or customers working on large parts often use Walk-In clean air units to address their industrial dust or hazardous fume issues. For example, clean air equipment can be used for finishing processes on large jet engine assemblies or performing multi-step weighing processes of powders and bulk solids.  DualDraw has customers in both of these categories using Walk-In clean air stations to successfully contain their hazards.

The building blocks of a Walk-In are the modular Power Wall units that house motors, fans and air filtration.  Power Walls are typically 4’ W x 4’ D x 8’ H and use the patented DualDraw even-airflow design to generate powerful airflow and capture velocity. Power Walls can be used as stand-alone air filtration units that operate adjacent to a dust or fume producing application but are most often linked together along with modular siding and a roof structure for a complete Walk-In Clean Air Station. All sizing for clean air equipment is based on customer specifications – a popular Walk-In unit size including the roof and sides is 12’W x 8’D x 8’H.

Clean air stations come with an optional Regain Air System that employs proprietary slotted adjustable tubes that run along the front sides of the unit. Some other popular options for clean air equipment include roof slots to accommodate overhead crane or hoist systems, hazardous duty components to satisfy certain classified environments, air filtration alarm systems, and space saving configurations for crowded facilities.

Air filter systems on Walk-In clean air units are designed to handle the particular hazard, airborne dust removal and loading requirement specific to the customer. DualDraw will work directly with the customer to understand at a deep level what materials need to be captured and airborne dust removal needs to take place.  A determination is then made with the customer on the best air filter package to address the application.

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