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The Downdraft Booth, or TB style, offers maximum collection efficiency and protection of operators.  The work surface of the downdraft booth is enclosed on three sides with a top.  Included in the standard build of downdraft paint booths is an overhead light.  The TB style of this downdraft paint booth design has both downdraft and backdraft airflow, creating a capture and face velocity to efficiently collect dust or fumes.


Water filtration in DualDraw collectors is primarily used to capture hazardous combustible dust.  When combined with the downdraft booth “TB” style, this solution offers maximum containment.  The three sided enclosure of the downdraft booth, plus the top with light, provide a well-lit protective hooded area to perform the most hazardous applications needing maximum protection.  DualDraw Wet Downdraft Booths come standard with the required componentry to comply with current NFPA 484 regulations.


Using cartridge style filters, the Self-Cleaning Downdraft Spray Booth combines heavy-duty filter capacity with the enclosed design of the TB style downdraft booth.  With three sides and a top that enclose the work surface, operators are provided with maximum collection efficiency and protection of breathing zones.  Cartridge filters are regularly cleaned through a compressed air purge – ensuring extended filter life and thus reduced life-time costs of filter replacements.


Offering maximum protection and collection efficiency, the DualDraw Downdraft Booth “TB” series provides a well-lit hooded protective enclosure for the capture of hazardous material.  Our line of TB booths designed specifically for dry combustible dust collection follow design guidelines taken directly from national NFPA standards.  Non-spark work surfaces, AMCA Spark Class B fan wheels, Class II, Division I electrical conduit, and other features enhance the safety features on this design to help you effectively capture dry combustible dust.


The DualDraw Downdraft Booth is designed for maximum containment of airborne dust and fumes through its three-sided enclosed workspace combined with the DualDraw signature downdraft and backdraft airflow. Overhead lighting is standard in all downdraft paint booth designs, making it a good choice for operators that require a well-lit workspace in addition to breathing zone protection and elimination of cross contaminants.

Standard downdraft paint and spray booth sizes are available, yet equipment is modular in design – this ensures a cost-effective, made-to-order solution specific to your particular application. All solutions use the patented DualDraw even airflow design to effectively capture dust and fume in the operator work zone.

These downdraft paint booths are fitted with a unique air filter system arrangement that is configured to capture a wide variety of dust and fume hazards that may present challenges in your workplace. This may range from a combination of pleats, bags, HEPA, cartridges, wet filtration, activated carbon, or other forms of air filter media. DualDraw downdraft booths are self-contained and do not necessarily require venting outdoors depending on the material being collected; please consult with DualDraw to ensure regulatory compliance.

Additional considerations that will determine the final design specification of the downdraft paint and spray booth include an evaluation of risks such as combustible dust, fire hazards, corrosivity, and others. Ultimately, filtration equipment is optimized to minimize facility risk, help protect operator breathing zones, and address cross-contamination of adjacent plant processes and equipment. Combustible dust collectors, downdraft spray booths, and downdraft paint booths for sale are delivered with a satisfaction guarantee and a multi-year warranty on parts and labor.

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