12 12, 2016

Ultrafine Dust: How Clean is 3D Printing?


3D printers are much like your typical inkjet printer, except instead of putting a layer of ink on a page, they place layer upon layer of a material typically a molten layer of polymer. When completed, these layers form a 3D object. According to 3DPrinting.com, several different technologies are commonly used including: vat photo

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8 04, 2015

Controlling Combustible Dust Hazards


As OSHA moves toward widespread, clearly stated regulation of combustible dust hazards, it’s becoming apparent that the situation is finally being taken very seriously. Because of the numerous deadly accidents, more and more companies are taking steps towards combustible dust control, not wanting to risk becoming the next headline in the papers. It’s a daunting

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21 03, 2015

Smoke & Fume Dangers and Precautions


Dangerous levels of fume and smoke concentration are a common fact in the welding industry, and sometimes a normal part of the job. These industrial fumes can prove a deadly hazard to workers forced to endure long periods of exposure. Welding is a huge culprit of deadly smoke and hazardous fumes that can cause

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7 02, 2015

Safely Dealing With Chemical Exposure


Chemicals are sometimes a normal part of a workplace. Many laboratories deal with industrial strength chemicals that must be handled with extreme caution on a daily basis. No matter the amount of industrial safety precautions taken, there is a chance that you or your workers could experience chemical exposure in ways that could be

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25 11, 2014

Chemical Exposure and Preventing Combustible Dust Accidents


Both chemical exposure and combustible dust are ongoing threats to the lives of countless workers every year. OSHA has taken steps recently with both hazards to try and maintain awareness and minimize risks. With lots of prodding from the CSB and stakeholders in general, OSHA has been working diligently to minimize work accidents overall,

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