handsDualDraw has a 10 year warranty on all standard equipment and multi-year warranties on all other equipment
including custom built units. This warranty policy is available only through DualDraw and its certified distributors. If you are wondering about the length of the warranty on your product, please reference the specification on your quotation or contact DualDraw.

Our warranty policy demonstrates the confidence we have in helping solve customer’s air quality issues with a long-lasting solution. DualDraw equipment is built to achieve optimal performance for the specified application and provide our customers with years of satisfaction. Your satisfaction is paramount to our long term success.

When evaluating what makes DualDraw different versus other air quality equipment manufacturers, our warranty policy stands clear. We back our products 100% and do not know of any other air quality equipment manufacturer that has such a bold warranty policy.

The warranty includes parts and labor on equipment sold in the United States. It does not include filter consumables, the work surface, or items that have been damaged as a result of user negligence.  It does include all other standard components and parts.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about our warranty policy regarding our dust collector equipment. 1-800-977-2125