Uncontrolled smoke is a health hazard not only for operators within the immediate vicinity of the smoke source but potentially for all employees inside a facility. Worker absenteeism and decreased employee productivity are some of the direct impacts felt by organizations that leave this hazard unchecked. OSHA in recent years has strengthened indoor air quality regulations under 1910:1000 that involve processes that produce smoke. Additional federal, state, and local agencies have followed OSHA’s lead. When left unabated, long term impacts can result in disease and chronic illness that can effect respiratory, neurological, and reproductive systems. For these serious risks, it is imperative for organizations to effectively contain any smoke produced within a facility by using smoke extraction systems.

DualDraw has been a trusted partner by many organizations to help solve the smoke challenge. DualDraw downdraft tables, downdraft booths, robotic weld cell collectors, walk-in clean air stations, stand-alone systems, and other air filtration equipment can quickly and cleanly resolve your smoke issues. Our smoke removal equipment can be applied to a variety of smoke producing applications, some of which are covered in more detail here:

Welding: Mig, Tig, Arc, or Acetylene – these different types of welding are going to produce hazardous smoke and fume that need to be addressed. Nickel,download chromium, and manganese are some of the nasty substances operators will encounter during these different types of welding. DualDraw smoke removal equipment effectively accomplishes the objective of protecting operators while avoiding cumbersome process changes to the application. Back to our roots, the original application of DualDraw smoke extraction systems was to capture smoke from a welding process at our founder’s metal fabrication plant. The patented DualDraw design helps evenly distribute protective airflow across an operator’s work surface without effecting welding shield gas.

Cutting: Thermal cutting processes produce significant amounts of smoke. Plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel are the three primary types of thermal cutting performed by organizations – most using large cutting tables, but also through the use of hand-held devices. DualDraw smoke extraction systems help customers solve their smoke issues from cutting using a variety of solutions ranging from small, portable air filter systems with fume extraction arms to a large multi-cartridge filter systems that move thousands of CFM and are dropped to numerous pick-up points.

Gouging:  Popular in maintenance and repair departments, gouging or grooving metal is a useful process to remove welds or metal to replace a worn or defective part.  This process, however, tends to be dirty and creates a considerable amount of smoke that needs to be controlled. DualDraw air filtration and smoke removal equipment lends itself well to helping customers who are gouging metal.

Soldering:  Soldering produces noxious smoke that often contains lead fume.  DualDraw self-contained source capture solutions are a great approach to address this type of application.  Stand-alone air filtration and smoke extraction systems with extraction arms or downdraft tables with vented back stops are often used to effectively help contain any hazards from this application.

Thermal Spray:  Thermal metal spraying, or metalizing, parts creates smoke similar to welding – with high concentrations of hazardous and highly-regulated chemicals. Engineering products to handle this type of application requires a deep understanding of the actual process being performed. DualDraw engineers can step you through the proper selection of filtration equipment to solve this challenging air quality issue.

The smoke removal equipment and fume extraction systems below help address unwanted smoke in a facility. Explore some of these offerings and contact DualDraw today to discuss your air quality issue more in-depth.

The air filtration products below help address unwanted smoke through self-contained air filtration solutions.
Downdraft Tables with Vented Back
Downdraft Booths
Downdraft Flat Top Tables
Desktop Downdraft Table
Portable Downdraft Table
Downdraft Tables with Self-Cleaning Cartridge Filtration
Robotic Weld Cell Filtration Systems
Stand Alone Filtration System for Smoke Control
Walk-In Clean Air Stations
Downdraft Table with Extraction Arm