downdraft_booth-242x300Many industries face the complicated challenge of providing clean air to their employees in hazardous environments. There are some jobs that require a lot of dirty work, and there aren’t always quick fixes to the hazards they bring. Sometimes new solutions have to be thought up to ensure that work conditions meet OSHA standards and provide clean and breathable air for everyone involved.

DualDraw provides custom, unique air filtration applications, downdraft tables and industrial equipment to fit any need. Our solutions improve breathing quality and protect from a number of dangerous fumes, gases, and dusts. While our main line of products covers a number of bases, we take that a step further by providing adequate protection in any situation.

Our dedication to providing fresh air for various industries allows us to design effective industrial filtration equipment made to order. We provide a variety of clean air solutions that aim to:

  • Provide a safe space for workers to breathe and recuperate
  • Filter hazardous fumes/gases/dusts from a variety of sources
  • Fit the specific industry or business
  • Fit specific job functions

Wet_Downdraft_Table2This means that we work closely with our clients to provide air filter solutions that fit and cater to any situation. We’re even open to designing entirely new air filtration applications and industrial products that provide clean air solutions, as long as it can effectively help workers and employers feel safe and breathe easy.

In the past, we’ve done everything from small to drastic changes to fit our client’s needs. We’ve made changes to our standard downdraft tables, such as certified mats and ultraviolet lights for our downdraft booths that were specific to the needs of an electronics company. We use creative and innovative ideas to present each problem with a viable downdraft solution.

We also work diligently to make the air filtration solution as cost-effective as possible, easing the stress of payment and focusing on the situation at hand. One of our past clients was able to provide students with a clean work environment while staying within budget. Using our standard 72” welding booth, we installed a middle divider to create two separate workspaces. This small change helped to lower the cost of the work, giving the client the results they needed in a budget they could afford.  Every change and decision that made was in the interest of the client, giving them the exact results they were looking for and needed.

Whether it’s an air filtration solution that we’ve already discovered or one that’s unique to a certain business or industry, DualDraw has the foresight and the experience to get the job done.