downdraft_booth-242x300Many industries deal with dangerous chemicals, fumes, gasses, and procedures day in and out. Workers are trained thoroughly to handle such conditions, but even that is not enough to stop certain occurrences. Especially in areas that provide little ventilation, some industries are always seconds away from the next big accident. It’s a terrible truth, but there are solutions to the problem.

DualDraw was founded in 1995 with the purpose of keeping the precious air supply of workers in various industries clean and breathable. We offer downdraft paint booths and equipment that cover a wide range of dust, fumes, and ill-ventilated situations, such as:

Our first downdraft booth dealt with capturing welding smoke, saving countless lives by providing welders with proper industrial ventilation. Welding smoke can cause a number of disastrous conditions and chronic illnesses, making its removal a high priority when working in proximity to it.
Wet_Downdraft_Table2This equipment is made with top research in mind to assure we provide accurate solutions that work. For instance, using activated carbon filter packs, we assure that fumes and noxious odors are considerably reduced. We ensure that our equipment both protects operator breathing zones and avoids cross-contamination of adjacent plant processes and equipment.

Combustible dust plays a huge role in workplace deaths and is, therefore, another point of focus for us. Our wet downdraft tables take care of metals like aluminum, titanium and magnesium (though we also offer downdraft tables to address each of the three). Utilizing a downdraft system eliminates the worry of combustible dust explosions, which have caused a multitude of injuries and even death according to a report by OSHA.

Downdraft booths essentially filter air to eliminate hazardous breathing conditions. They can be used to capture a wide variety of dust and fumes, including dust from deburring. Fume control also plays a major part in keeping proper industrial ventilation. While we don’t typically provide heavy-duty paint solutions, our downdraft booths help in solving industrial ventilation problems involved with light spray painting, hand drawing, and adhesive work.

Proper ventilation and the prevention of cross-contamination can be achieved through downdraft booths, making them invaluable. Over the years, with OSHA regulations and frequent accidents pushing more companies to ensure OSHA compliance, the number of preventable accidents has decreased considerably. Downdraft booths have been a heavy ally in the fight to save lives for industries involving pollutants, irritants, and many dusts and metals.

We provide each customer with a downdraft table custom to their situation and needs. Our main concern is to provide every worker with clean air and a safe workplace. Downdraft tables take care of a long-standing problem and are essential to the safety of workers around the globe.