It is of obvious importance for DualDraw to have a reliable network of distributors and resellers, and one of DualDraw’s most respected distributor companies is MTA Technical Sales. MTA knows our products very well, has worked alongside us for many years, and has been an important part of DualDraw’s overall growth as an air quality equipment manufacturer.

Scott and Adam Wolfson of MTA Technical Sales have collaborated with us on many occasions, including their most recent project to design and build a customized downdraft booth for a food-industry customer in California.  The booth was constructed out of stainless steel to accommodate the strict requirements of the food industry, making it easy to clean and non-corrosive in nature.  Another unique aspect of this particular project is that the booth is equipped with “Sunken Sinks” so that the operators could place scales on the booth to weigh ingredients. The scales sit flush with the work surface of the table and any overflow of ingredients that didn’t make it onto the scales are collected in the “sinks” to be re-used later.  The smaller and lighter ingredients that overflowed onto the work surface were sucked down through the perforated table grates and sent through the filtration system, and then the clean air was returned back into the ambient environment. It was a unique application and one DualDraw had never seen before.

Shown below is the final product we designed for MTA’s customer before it shipped from our facility in Denver to its final destination at the customer site in California.


This booth is a good example of a custom project identified by one of our experienced distributors who understands that DualDraw can design and build air filtration solutions to fit exact customer requirements, right down to the kitchen sink!

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