Systech Design, located in the mid Atlantic region, has been a well qualified distributor of DualDraw dust and fume collection products for many years. Experts in helping their customers solve tough air quality problems, Systech recently leveraged DualDraw products to improve and make safer certain production processes for a multi-national aircraft manufacturing customer. This particular customer is performing maintenance on and refurbishing of aircraft parts. Throughout this process there is a large quantity of fugitive dust generated. The bottom line was that they needed to get this issue under control ASAP, as it was a concern for quality and safety in manufacturing. Today’s post highlights how Systech Design correctly assessed the issue and used a custom DualDraw product to help solve the problem for a customer in an industry where safety and quality are non-negotiable.

The Challenge: Aircraft manufacturing is a complex industry that requires many different processes to produce the various specialized parts used for the final product such as a helicopter or airplane. Some of these processes generate dust and fumes from activities such as grinding, sanding, or welding a particular part.

There is very strict attention to quality and safety and many of the manufacturing processes require the use of various materials that must be handled carefully. Some examples include composite materials, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. The metals can be combustible when in dust form and operators must be cautious with composite materials due to inhalation concern and potential respiratory issues. The company in question was suffering from a composite dust issue and needed Systech’s help.

The Solution: Systech Design came to the conclusion that DualDraw could help address this challenge and meet the various unique customer, industry and operational requirements. DualDraw ended up custom designing and building downdraft tables in collaboration with Systech for this customer. Downdraft tables are currently being used to help the company directly address their air quality issues.

What the various aircraft manufacturing processes have in common is the unquestionable need for good ventilation during production–and this makes them ideal candidates for DualDraw’s patented air quality technology. Thanks to Systech for their confidence in our brand.

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