The DualDraw TB Series

It’s recognized that downdraft ventilation for industrial processes is a proven way to capture harmful dust and fumes. However, the style of the downdraft work surface typically involves a trade-off between versatility (a flat, open style) and containment (more enclosed and contained style) that customers must make with their particular process in mind.

The DualDraw Downdraft Booth, our TB series of products, is a downdraft solution designed to maximize containment through its enclosed design — thus increasing protection of operators and minimizing cross contamination of adjacent plant equipment or processes. This solution works much like a laboratory hood, however, the dust and fumes are pulled down and away as opposed to flowing upwards, which could possibly affect the operator’s breathing zone.

DualDraw’s TB series of downdraft booths incorporate its patented airflow design, and creates an even vacuum of air across the perforated surface and vented back stop with a modular filter system designed specifically based on the operator’s application.

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