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Christmas is the busiest mailing season of the year. Did you know that DualDraw’s air filtration technology is currently making it safer for hundreds of organizations to receive letters and packages? DualDraw’s mail screening downdraft tables also protect the breathing zones of the individual operators that handle and process the mail. This is especially critical during the holiday season when the highest number of personal mail and packages are sent.

Since the unfortunate Anthrax letter incidents in October 2001, DualDraw has been servicing the mail screening equipment needs of organizations around the world, particularly the U.S. Government.

Our Homeland Security Product line employs the same patented symmetrical airflow design as our industrial air filtration products. Additionally, they include various sensors designed to detect the presence of chemical, biological, and explosive threats.  These downdraft products are designed to be placed inside offices, mailrooms, entry screening checkpoints, and other secure areas. Some of DualDraw’s Homeland Security Products include:

MRB Series: Mail Screening Platform with Airflow Protection


AIRCHX_XRAY Series: Mail Screening Platform with X-Ray Detection


AIRCHX_BIO Series: Flir MailPoint™ Mail Screening Platform with Biological Detection


AIRCHX_EXP SeriesFlir FIDO™ Mail Screening Platform with Explosive Detection


AIRCHX_CHEM Series: Smiths Detection SABRE Mail Screening Platform with Chemical Detection


AIRCHX_CBRNE Series: Mail Screening Platform with Full CBRNE Detection


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