A downdraft table is a great product to use for air filtration when the process you are performing generates a dust or fume and can be accomplished on top of a work surface.  Grinding, welding, cutting, gluing, painting, sawing, or chopping – these are common applications that are effectively addressed using a downdraft table. Downdraft tables pull air away and downward — keeping it out of your breathing area so that the dust, fume, or smoke produced from a particular application can be filtered away from you and the surrounding area.

DualDraw was originally founded to help operators protect their breathing zones using the downdraft concept.  We took this idea a step further and designed a perforated backstop for our downdraft tables. This creates a downdraft and a back draft of air — hence our company’s name: “DualDraw.” This design advantage provides additional air flow efficiency and helps better contain fugitive dust and fumes.  The DualDraw downdraft table, with its signature perforated back wall, is an air filtration solution designed to balance containment with application versatility. We hope our article about the advantages of downdraft welding tables provided you with insightful information.

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