Examples of the “DualDraw Approach” and building the best solutions for our customers.

DualDraw is known for building its equipment to specifically address customer air-quality issues. While it doesn’t happen often, if it’s determined that we are unable to help a customer address a particular air-quality issue, we will respectfully lead the customer to another vendor or even a competitor if it makes the best sense for the customer’s issue.

However, most frequently, we solve our customers’ problems using the “DualDraw Approach.”

A recent customer application was unique — something we had not addressed in the past. However, after analyzing the process, applying technical experience and industrial hygiene principals, we proposed a solution that we were confident would work well to address the given issue.

This particular company contacted us to help contain dust produced from a cold spray application using a highly exotic metal used to harden oversize parts for various vehicles. This process is performed deep in the interior of this particular customer’s facility and far from any exterior walls. The challenges were two fold. The first was determining the proper design to effectively capture the substance and then, second, to safely capture the highly combustible dust generated from this high volume process.

DualDraw collaborated closely with the customer and came up with a solution specific to the application. We suggested the combination of two technologies in order to most effectively capture the aluminum dust and allow operators enough room to efficiently work with the oversize parts. The following equipment was proposed:

  • For capturing the cold-spray dust, DualDraw used one of our DB series Wet Collection Systems. Wet collectors are ideal for the capture of combustible dust and regulatory codes allow for the exhaust air to be recirculated into the facility.  These features made the wet collector a great choice in this circumstance.
  • The other issue was how to effectively enclose the process so that the wet collector would be most efficient in capturing the dust being generated from these oversize parts. To address this challenge, we applied one of our Walk-In Clean Air Station enclosures (WI Series) around the process and married up the enclosure to the wet collector.

The above combination of equipment was not unique. However, what was special about this particular customer issue and solution was the DualDraw Approach — used in this situation to address an unfamiliar application with proven technology correctly applied to the situation.

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