Seems like dust is everywhere nowadays, doesn’t it? Well, dust isn’t just a work-place nuisance. Certain kinds of dust are hazardous to employees when inhaled, are dangerous as potential combustibles, or can cross-contaminate adjacent sensitive processes or equipment in a facility.

At DualDraw, our patented air filtration solutions efficiently contain and filter any type of dust particle in a manufacturing process. Some types of dust we address with equipment such as our downdraft tables include:

  • Aluminum, magnesium, and titanium– all of which are highly combustible
  • Composite dusts from fiberglass or carbon fiber, which can be dangerous when breathed in by operators
  • Carcinogenic dusts such as cadmium
  • Other metal and wood dust

Dust filtration and containment is especially important in facilities that have multiple processes or applications. Cross contamination of adjacent processes or equipment is a real issue that causes high-dollar damages on an on-going basis for many organizations.  Keeping fugitive dust minimized is critical and DualDraw’s solutions regularly accomplish this objective for customers. The result is fewer dollars wasted on replacement equipment or faulty products due to dust contamination.

Whatever your dust collection needs, DualDraw offers complete dust collection solutions to help your company meet OSHA, NFPA, and EPA compliance, and keep your work environment safer, cleaner, productive, and more cost effective. Check out our dust collector products from DualDraw today.

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