DualDraw does business with many manufacturing companies that have operators performing welding operations. Our air-filtration products and welding booths for sale help to ensure the health and safety of employees at these companies.

As is well known, during the welding process, fumes and smoke are released from the materials, which can be dangerous to the operators’ health. DualDraw’s patented downdraft welding booths direct smoke away from the operators’ breathing zones by pulling the air down and away from them and through a self-contained filtration system.

DualDraw, in fact, was started out of the desire to improve welding safety. Dick Schaefer, our company’s founder, first developed our products while operating his own fabrication company, where he had operators welding stainless steel on a regular basis. Stainless, when welded, produces Hexavalent Chromium, a carcinogen when inhaled by operators over extended periods of time. As many companies recognize, “HexChrome” has been a recent focus of OSHA.

Well, Dick recognized way back in 1995 that welding smoke and hazardous fumes needed to be filtered for the protection of his operators, and he did something about it and became a welding booth manufacturer. “If we need it, other companies must need it also,” he thought.

That’s how DualDraw’s original downdraft unit, a base model Dick called “the Model T,” was born. These first downdraft tables were used as workbenches by his employees.

Since then, we, at DualDraw, have expanded our product line of downdraft tables and welding booths, and now offer many different models that help protect operators while welding. We also offer customized solutions, built to order to customer specifications. For more information about DualDraw’s welding tables and product lines, or to request a quote, please visit us on the web: www.DualDraw.com; email us: salesinfo@dualdraw.com; or call us at 800-977-2125.