Cost-effectively customizing products is one of our trademarks here at DualDraw, and we often design and build commercial dust collector products from the ground up for our customers.

So what is our approach to “cost-effective customization”? Typically, we take one of our base model downdraft units and designs, and in conjunction with the customer’s requirements, create equipment specifically designed for that customer’s application. We typically are able to keep the process very cost effective because of the use of a modular fastening system. As opposed to a welded “fixed” finish, this system allows us to modify or change equipment efficiently and at a low cost.

We recently customized a dust collection table using this method for one of our customers in the digital print and ink business. There are a number of unique aspects of the build that were specified exactly to the customer’s requirements; however, there are two particular features of the build that are worth highlighting:

  1. The unit includes a variable speed drive, which allows operators to adjust the amount of suction on the downdraft table. This is a great feature for this company’s operators as they need to be very exact in the process of dropping ink onto a piece of paper in order to test how it will come out of a toner cartridge. Too much or too little suction from the downdraft table and the ink will not drop correctly.
  2. A side-mounted table top is attached immediately adjacent to the perforated downdraft table so operators can place a computer and camera on the unit. This is important for the customer because operators have to analyze the data as it is being collected directly on the downdraft work surface. The camera records the ink drop. The computer processes the information, and then the data is analyzed by operators to effectively understand what is happening from the drop of ink onto the paper.

This project is one example of many customized and cost-effective products we provide here at DualDraw for our customers.

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