What is so technical about moving air away from an operator and through some filters? It sounds pretty simple until you open a physics book.

The art of designing air-pollution control equipment that effectively protects operator breathing zones and eliminates facility cross-contamination is easy to visualize, yet much more difficult to execute in practice. DualDraw has first-hand experience with this. Dick Schaefer founded DualDraw based on an idea generated while designing a protective work space for his welding operators in his former fabrication shop.

Dick wrestled with providing a ”safe” zone for his welders to operate without slowing down production or constantly maintaining a fan or filters. In addition, he was finding that the smoke generated by his welding operation was effecting other areas of his facility, even producing noxious odors in the front office area.

Most of Dick’s welders used work benches to perform their work. Competitor downdraft tables provided uneven airflow, affecting the welding torch and not adequately drawing the air away — dead zones and hot spots persisted on the table top of competitor’s units. This made for an unproductive work environment that left operators unsatisfied with the existing technology to the point they refused to use the equipment.

Dick’s insight was to ensure even airflow across the table top and to enhance protection through a vented back stop. DualDraw was then born.

“Nearly 20 years and a few patents later, DualDraw continues to protect operators with downdraft equipment and other air-pollution control technology.”

Our company name speaks to the technical approach of pulling air down and away from an operator — however, the magic is in the perforated-hole pattern that the air is drawn through. This pattern creates a ”symmetrical” airflow that protects operators no matter where the work is performed on the work surface. Additionally any processes performed on the work surface are at minimum risk of being effected by the air flow. His welding operators were relieved and, more importantly, healthily breathing fresh air!

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