DualDraw moved its manufacturing facilities from Commerce City, Colorado, to Denver,  Colorado, in July.

The company’s new address is 4934 Lima Street, Denver, CO 80239

“Organizing and executing the move took a lot of work.” said Chief Operating Officer Bruce Prather, “However, we are very satisfied with our new facility – it has more office and warehouse space and is laid out much more efficiently than our previous location.”

The new facility is located at 4934 Lima Street, Denver, CO  80239.  It is conveniently located adjacent to the I-70 interstate, making it easy for trucks to move equipment efficiently to DualDraw customers across the country.

DualDraw President Dan Prather views the move as an opportunity, “A move presents an excellent chance to look at things from a fresh perspective. This new location gives us renewed energy to build on our growing reputation with our customers and competitors as leaders in the industrial dust and fume collection marketplace.”

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