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26 10, 2012

Meet DualDraw at FabTech


Meet DualDraw at FabTech, Booth N-2506, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nov. 12-14, 2012 Come out and meet DualDraw, and see our products in action at the upcoming FabTech Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nov. 12-14. We will be exhibiting some of our patented dust- and fume-collection solutions, including our signature downdraft equipment

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25 10, 2012

DualDraw Products for Dust Collection


Seems like dust is everywhere nowadays, doesn’t it? Well, dust isn’t just a work-place nuisance. Certain kinds of dust are hazardous to employees when inhaled, are dangerous as potential combustibles, or can cross-contaminate adjacent sensitive processes or equipment in a facility. At DualDraw, our patented air filtration solutions efficiently contain and filter any type

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4 10, 2012

Meet DualDraw Staff Member, Robert Lozano


Robert Lozano Office Manager, Operations and Sales Support Robert, who is Bruce Prather’s grandson and Dan Prather’s nephew, joined DualDraw in 2012, keeping DualDraw’s family roots alive. Bruce and Dan approached Robert to join DualDraw and now he helps manage the company’s office and daily operations. Before joining DualDraw, Robert worked in the medical industry

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3 10, 2012

DualDraw Case Study: Marysville Community and Technical College


Hexavalent Chromium Containment: Maysville Community and Technical College Background: Established in 1968, Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) operates under the statewide Kentucky Community and Technical College system and is made up of four separate campuses. MCTC specializes in a variety of trades, ranging from horticulture to welding technology. Issue: MCTC contacted DualDraw to provide

DualDraw Case Study: Marysville Community and Technical College2019-05-07T23:36:56+00:00
26 09, 2012

DualDraw for Welding Projects


DualDraw does business with many manufacturing companies that have operators performing welding operations. Our air-filtration products and welding booths help to ensure the health and safety of employees at these companies. As is well known, during the welding process, fumes and smoke are released from the materials, which can be dangerous to the operators’ health.

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14 09, 2012

DualDraw’s Customized Products


Cost-effectively customizing products is one of our trademarks here at DualDraw, and we often design and build products from the ground up for our customers. So what is our approach to “cost-effective customization”? Typically, we take one of our base model downdraft units and designs, and in conjunction with the customer’s requirements, create equipment

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6 09, 2012

DualDraw launches social media campaign, offers special promotion


DualDraw is kicking off its social media campaign! Stay up-to-date on DualDraw products and happenings, changes in the regulatory environment, and current technical approaches to air quality control. If you haven’t already, we invite you to check us out our posts on this new blog, follow our company on Twitter, or “Like” us on our

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31 08, 2012

DualDraw Products for Homeland Security


DualDraw’s entry into the market of Homeland Security is an example of our unique technology and the diversity of our products and applications. Following Sept. 11, 2001, DualDraw was approached by the US Government to protect mail-center operators using the same patented DualDraw airflow technology applied in industrial facilities. We felt honored that our

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29 08, 2012

What makes DualDraw unique?


What is so technical about moving air away from an operator and through some filters? It sounds pretty simple until you open a physics book. The art of designing air-pollution control equipment that effectively protects operator breathing zones and eliminates facility cross-contamination is easy to visualize, yet much more difficult to execute in practice.

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23 08, 2012

DualDraw moves its manufacturing facilities


DualDraw moved its manufacturing facilities from Commerce City, Colorado, to Denver,  Colorado, in July. The company’s new address is 4934 Lima Street, Denver, CO 80239 “Organizing and executing the move took a lot of work.” said Chief Operating Officer Bruce Prather, “However, we are very satisfied with our new facility – it has more office and warehouse space

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