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Downdraft Table with Vented Back Stop

The DualDraw Downdraft Table with Vented Back (BG Series) is a functional self-contained downdraft work station that provides efficient dust and fume capture while maintaining operator versatility.  Standard units come with both downdraft and backdraft airflow – this combination increases the  efficiency of the system to contain airborne dust or fumes while performing applications such as grinding or welding. The standard pin-hinged, removable side wings of the downdraft table help to efficiently direct airflow and also provide operational flexibility to work on parts that vary in size.

Dust extraction units come in the standard sizes listed below.  Our standard fume extraction table design is often also cost-effectively configured or customized based on customer specified requirements. Each downdraft table and fume extraction table come with a multi-year warranty and incorporate DualDraw’s patented airflow design.

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BG3036 2000 CFM 30”D X 38”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 36”W
BG3048 2500 CFM 30”D X 50”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 48”W
BG3060 2500 CFM 30”D X 62”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 60”W
BG3060A 4000 CFM 30”D X 80”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 60”W
BG3072 2500 CFM 30”D X 74”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 72”W
BG3072A 4500 CFM 30”D X 78”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 72”W
BG3096 5000 CFM 30”D X 98”W X 58”H 28.5”D X 96”W

Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Standard depth of the downdraft table is 30”. Can be increased in 5” increments, please specify.
  2. Standard build material is electro-galvanized steel with a galaxy sparkle finish. Units also available in stainless or aluminum.  Work surface consists of 16 GA C-Channel grates, reinforced for strength.  Average fume extraction table capacity is 500 to 1000 lbs, can be increased if required.
  3. Standard components of each downdraft table include pressure gauge to monitor filter cleanliness, NEMA 12/4X thermally protected manual motor starter, 110 duplex, and easy access clean-out tray.
  4. Standard electrical options for the fume extraction table are 115/230V single phase or 230/460V three phase.
  5. Fan, motor, and filtration sub-systems are located under the work surface inside the body of the downdraft table. Alternatively, an ADA compliant sit-down front is available for sitting operators; sub-systems are attached to the rear or side of the unit.  Adds approximately 24” to length or depth to the fume extraction table.  This style of downdraft table is also a good option for hot-work applications generating sparks or intense heat.
  6. Standard filter configurations include but are not limited to the following: pleated filter package, HEPA filter package, cartridge filter package, fume capture package, or water filtration.
  7. Standard options and accessories for downdraft tables include, but are not limited to, the following: heavy-duty caster wheels, soft top non-marring work surface, light kit, variable frequency drive (VFD), heavy-duty work surface, custom powder coat epoxy paint finish.