DualDraw Wet Downdraft Tables

The DualDraw Wet Downdraft Table (WC Series) is a specialized air pollution control unit that uses water as its filtration media.  Designed primarily to address combustible dust challenges, this solution safely and efficiently collects particles from applications such as grinding, sanding, cutting, and polishing.

The Wet Downdraft Table version within the WC Series provides operators with efficient dust collection while maintaining operator versatility.  This is accomplished through the combination of both downdraft and backdraft airflow for superior containment of dust and its pin-hinged, removable side wings that direct airflow yet can open or be removed if required by the particular part being worked or processes being performed.

These table dust collector tables follow NFPA 484 design guidelines and have been independently tested for capture efficiency. Please follow this link to review our Wet Collector Efficiency Report.  DualDraw is the only vendor in the marketplace that has had its specific wet downdraft table design tested for particle efficiency. This is critical information to review if you are planning to recycle your exhaust into your facility.

These tabletop dust collectors are specifically designed to endure wet conditions and are available only in 304 Stainless Steel. They come standard with a high/low water alarm and will refill with water automatically based on demand (NFPA 484 requirement). The Wet Downdraft Table comes with our industry-leading multi-year warranty and is available in the standard sizes listed below.

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BG1826-WC 1600 CFM 42”D X 34”W X 81”H 18”D X 26”W
BG3036-WC 3000 CFM 54”D X 48”W X 92”H 30”D X 36”W
BG3048-WC 4000 CFM 60”D X 60”W X 92”H 30”D X 48”W
BG3060-WC 5000 CFM 60”D X 72”W X 92”H 30”D X 60”W
BG3072-WC 6000 CFM 60”D X 84”W X 92”H 30”D X 72”W
BG3096-WC 8000 CFM 60”D X 108”W X 92”H 30”D X 96”W


Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Stainless steel work surface consists of removable 16 GA C-Channel grates, reinforced for strength. Average table capacity is 500 to 1000 lbs., can be increased if required.
  2. Standard components include photohelic pressure gauge to monitor pressure across the impeller, auto-water refill functionality that will feed water to unit on demand, hi/low water audible and visual alarm, fork pockets for easy movement.
  3. Standard electrical options are 230/460V three phase. 115V/230V Single phase available if needed, please inquire.
  4. Unit ships complete with sludge rake for material removal. Optional sump vacuum available, please inquire for pricing.
  5. Standard options and accessories include but are not limited to the following: heavy-duty caster wheels (adds approx.. 4” to height), soft top non-marring work surface, light kit, variable frequency drive (VFD), heavy-duty work surface, custom powder coat epoxy paint finish.
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