Portable Downdraft with Self-Cleaning Filters

Our Industrial Portable Dust Collector with Self-Cleaning Filters combines the superb functionality of the BG Series with a creatively placed self-cleaning cartridge filter system that sits out of the way, below the work surface. This well designed solution provides users with a compact, yet rugged, downdraft table designed for extended use with long-lasting filter life.  These are features difficult to find in a downdraft table – so much so that we have a patent pending design on its configuration.

Of course, the BG Series combines downdraft with the signature DualDraw backdraft feature.  This gives operators increased efficiency of particle capture by moving captured fume or dust both downward and backward – away from the operator and into the strong filter system.  The pin-hinged, removable side wings provide versatility that allow for operators to work on parts in a variety of sizes.

This solution can be applied to many different processes however it is most valuable for heavy-duty use, for example where operations necessitate two to three shifts per day.  When equipped with an optional variable frequency drive, air flow can be increased or decreased to optimize to the particular application such as heavy grinding or welding.

Filter cleaning is performed based on an operator initiated, manual push-button pulse that forces air through the cartridge filtration, thus cleaning the filters of debris.  Automatic cleaning systems are also available as an option.  Debris is then easily cleaned out from the units by emptying the conveniently located front dust tray.  No tools are required.

This style of DualDraw downdraft comes with our industry-leading multi-year warranty.  Some additional specifics and sizes are listed in the below table and footnotes.

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BG3548IN-SC 2800 CFM 36”D X 52”W X 60”H 35”D X 48”W
BG3560IN-SC 3700 CFM 36”D X 64”W X 60”H 35”D X 60”W
BG3572IN-SC 4400 CFM 36”D X 76”W X 60”H 35”D X 72”W
BG3596IN-SC 5500 CFM 36”D X 100”W X 60”H 35”D X 96”W

Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Standard build material is electro-galvanized steel with a galaxy sparkle finish. Units also available in stainless or aluminum.
  2. Work surface consists of 16 GA C-Channel grates, reinforced for strength. Average table capacity is 750-1000 lbs, can be strengthened if required.
  3. Standard components include pressure gauge to monitor filter cleanliness, NEMA 12/4X thermally protected manual motor starter, manual push button pulse.
  4. Unit comes standard 240V/480V three phase. Electrical connection required.  Single phase 115V/230V may be available if required, please inquire.
  5. Standard filter configurations include a spark arrestor (if hot work is being performed), MERV 10 or MERV 15 Cartridge filter.
  6. Standard accessories include but are not limited to: soft top non-marring work surface, variable frequency drive (VFD), heavy-duty work surface, filter capacity alarm, epoxy powder coat paint (for other color options, check out our downdraft equipment color options)
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