Portable Downdraft Workstations

The Portable Downdraft Table (PT Series) is DualDraw’s most popular downdraft style.  The PT2032A is the signature model in the series – this workhorse is a compact air filtration solution that has been designed to immediately have a positive impact on your indoor air quality issues.

The standard PT2032A build has a 1 HP motor and can be plugged directly into a standard 115V wall outlet.  Heavy-duty caster wheels allow this portable fume/particle collector to be easily placed where most needed and then quickly re-located or stored if desired. Its distinctive epoxy powder coat painted finish make this an attractive piece of equipment that can highlight any production line.

Typical airflow on our PT2032A is 2000 CFM; excellent metrics for capturing particles from applications with high-speed emissions such as metal grinding or sanding.  Lower flow options are also available if required for lower velocity emissions such as fume applications.

This portable fume collector comes with a variety of available filter configurations – all based on your particular application and what media best suits your specific case. Each vacuum sanding table comes with our industry-leading multi-year warranty. Some additional specifics are listed in the below table and footnotes.

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PT2032A 2000 CFM Grinding/Sanding 43”D X 32”W X 52”H 20”D X 32”W
PT2032-AL 2000 CFM Combustible Dust 43”D X 32”W X 52”H 20”D X 32”W
PT2032 1100 CFM Smoke/Fume Control 43”D X 32”W X 52”H 20”D X 32”W

Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Standard build material of the portable fume/particle collector is electro-galvanized steel with a safety blue, epoxy powder coat paint finish. Other paint colors available for no charge, see our downdraft equipment color options.
  2. PT2032-AL comes with non-spark package; AMCA Spark Class B fan wheel, non-spark work surface, side wings, back splash.
  3. Work surface of the vacuum sanding table consists of 16 GA C-Channel grates, reinforced for strength. Average capacity is 250-500 lbs, can be increased if required.
  4. Standard components include pressure gauge to monitor filter cleanliness, NEMA 12/4X thermally protected manual motor starter, 110 duplex, and easy access clean-out tray.
  5. Come standard 115/230V single phase with 8’ drop cord and plug.
  6. Tool crib located under work surface for easy storage of operator tools.
  7. Standard filter configurations include a spark arrestor (if hot work is being performed), MERV 7 prefilter, and MERV 14 final filter. Activated carbon for fume control and HEPA after filter also options.
  8. Standard accessories for vacuum sanding table include, but are not limited to: soft top non-marring work surface, light kit, variable frequency drive (VFD), and heavy-duty work surface.
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