Small Downdraft Table – Desktop or Lab

The Desktop Downdraft Table (LB Series) is DualDraw’s most space efficient downdraft model.  These solutions allow operators to place the equipment on a pre-existing work surface.  This dust collection table saves considerable time and resources that are typically required to obtain space for a new piece of equipment in an already crowded facility. The small downdraft table arrives ready to be placed and turned on immediately for a quick start-up.

Protection of the operator from this thoughtfully designed small downdraft table is optimized through the use of the patented DualDraw airflow technology, creating an even distribution of airflow across the perforated work surface. The filtration system is located on top of the small downdraft table with an easy access door located directly in front of the operator.  Type of filtration in our LB units, as in most all DualDraw equipment, is specifically configured to your particular application.  Simply explain to us what you are doing that requires dust or fume control and we will offer our best fit to help address your air quality issue.

Some of the more popular applications addressed with this small downdraft table include paint overspray, sanding or grinding on small parts, and soldering or detail welding on small parts. This dust collection table is also often used in lab settings where a small, quiet downdraft table may be needed for sensitive hazardous applications.  HEPA filtration is available to apply when deemed necessary.  The key is to consult with us to help fit the filter package best suited to help solve your particular problem.

All Desktop Downdraft Tables come with our industry-leading multi-year warranty.  Some additional specifics of the small DualDraw downdraft table for sale are listed in the below table and footnotes.

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LB3024 1100 CFM 33”D X 24”W X 62”H 25”D X 22”W
LB3024-AL 1100 CFM 33”D X 24”W X 62”H 25”D X 22”W
LB3036 2000 CFM 33”D X 36”W X 62”H 25”D X 34”W
LB3036-AL 2000 CFM 33”D X 36”W X 62”H 25”D X 34”W

Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Standard build material is electro-galvanized steel with a beige, epoxy powder coat paint finish. Other paint colors available for no charge, see our downdraft equipment color options.
  2. “-AL” versions are designed to capture combustible dust and come standard with a non-spark package; AMCA Spark Class B fan wheel, non-spark work surface, non-spark enclosure.
  3. Work surface consists of 16 GA C-Channel grates, reinforced for strength. Average dust collection table capacity is 250 lbs, can be strengthened if required.
  4. Standard components include pressure gauge to monitor filter cleanliness, NEMA 12/4X thermally protected manual motor starter, overhead lighting.
  5. DualDraw downdraft table comes standard 115/230V single phase with 8’ drop cord and plug.
  6. Standard filter configurations include a spark arrestor (if hot work is being performed), MERV 7 prefilter, and MERV 14 final filter. Activated carbon for fume control and HEPA after filter also options.
  7. Standard accessories include but are not limited to: soft top non-marring work surface, variable frequency drive (VFD), and heavy-duty work surface.
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