Stand-Alone Filtration Systems – Wet Scrubbers

DualDraw’s Stand-Alone Wet Dust Scrubber Filtration Systems use water as the filtration media to capture airborne dust. Our wet dust scrubber systems are engineered specifically to fit your particular dust producing application.  Typically, facilities will duct these systems to independent hoods or pick-up points throughout a facility. Smaller Stand-Alone Wet Scrubber Filtration Systems can also be used to address a single pick-up point or have an extraction arm attached for versatility.

Water filtration is typically used to address applications where combustible metal dust is generated – such as grinding, sanding, or deburring materials such as aluminum, titanium, or magnesium. Our design follows  NFPA 484 guidelines and is the only design in the market tested for particle capture efficiency.  This report is available for independent review, download it here:  DualDraw Wet Dust Collector Efficiency Report.

The scrubber filtration equipment is covered by a multi-year warranty and built to last. 100% constructed of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, this solution will work for you upon start-up and for many years beyond. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you on your requirements – contact us today to discuss.

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SAF500-WS 400 to 1200 CFM 42”D X 34”W X 81”H
SAF3000-WS 3000 CFM 54”D X 48”W X 92”H
SAF4000-WS 4000 CFM 60”D X 60”W X 92”H
SAF5000-WS 5000 CFM 60”D X 72”W X 92”H
SAF6000-WS 6000 CFM 60”D X 84”W X 92”H
SAF8000-WS 8000 CFM 60”D X 108”W X 92”H

Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Standard components include photohelic pressure gauge to monitor pressure across the impeller, auto-water refill functionality that will feed water to unit on demand, hi/low water audible and visual alarm, fork pockets for easy movement.
  2. Standard electrical options are 230/460V three phase. 115V/230V Single phase available on smaller CFM units, please inquire.
  3. Wet scrubber ships complete with sludge rake for material removal. Optional sump vacuum or drag chain sludge ejection system available, please inquire for pricing.
  4. Standard options and accessories include but are not limited to the following: heavy-duty caster wheels (adds approx.. 4” to height) on smallest unit, variable frequency drive (VFD), custom powder coat epoxy paint finish.
  5. Intake flange sized based on duct velocity requirements and application specifics.
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