The DualDraw Wet Collectors (WC Series) are filtration systems designed to capture dust from processes such as grinding, deburring, cutting, polishing, mixing, and many others. These are available as stand-alone wet scrubber dust collectors, walk-in clean air stations, or as downdraft work tables. Our industrial wet scrubbers are typically used to address highly flammable or combustible dusts such as aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. While these are some of the more common and dangerous metal combustible dusts that DualDraw products can help safely contain, there is a broad range of other combustible materials that can be mitigated using these wet scrubber technology solutions. In addition to combustible dust containment, wet scrubber dust collectors are used to decrease fire risk from processes that may produce hot sparks or slag that would otherwise ignite dry filter media.

DualDraw is the only industrial air pollution control company to have a published efficiency test of its specific wet collector design. Results are readily available for review and we encourage customers to evaluate these when making a purchasing decision about which industrial wet scrubber technology system is going most effectively address their application. Ask us today for the report.

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