Wet Walk-In Clean Air Station

Self-Contained Three-Sided Room with Water Based Filtration

DualDraw Wet Walk-In Clean Air Stations are designed to address challenging dust-producing applications that are best contained using a ventilated three-sided room.  Most often these solutions are used by operators working on large or awkward parts that cannot be easily placed on a downdraft work surface or under a ventilated hood.

Wet filtration is typically applied to applications using material that generates combustible metal dust such as aluminum, titanium, or magnesium.  The filtration design on the DualDraw Wet Walk-In has been independently tested for efficiency and for most dust-producing applications will allow for safely recycling exhaust air back into facilities.  The high efficiency of the unit allows customers to avoid the costly process of venting outdoors and balancing pressure with replacement air.  DualDraw is unique in the marketplace with its efficiency tested design – see the report here:  DualDraw Wet Collection Efficiency Report.

Wet Walk-In Booths are sized based on the application in question and are equipped with an optional slotted adjustable tube regain air system. Each Walk-In incorporates the patented DualDraw airflow design combined with a filter system specifically designed to handle the particular hazard.

The DualDraw approach to quality and performance is unique in the marketplace – we guarantee your satisfaction.

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WI8x8x8-WC 7,000 CFM 126”D X 108”W X 100”H
WI10x8x8-WC  10,000 CFM  136”D X 132”W X 100”H
WI12x8x8-WS 12,000 CFM  136”D X 156”W X 100”H
WI14x8x8-WS 14,000 CFM  136”D X 180”W X 100”H
WI16x8x8-WS 16,000 CFM  136”D X 204”W X 100”H
WI20x8x8-WS 20,000 CFM 136”D X 252”W X 100”H

Configuration Options and Accessories:

  1. Standard components include photohelic pressure gauge to monitor pressure across the impeller, auto-water refill functionality that will feed water to unit on demand, hi/low water audible and visual alarm, fork pockets for easy movement.
  2. Standard electrical options are 230/460V three phase.
  3. Wet scrubber ships complete with sludge rake for material removal. Optional sump vacuum OR drag chain sludge ejection system available, please inquire for pricing.
  4. Standard options and accessories include but are not limited to the following: variable frequency drive (VFD), custom powder coat epoxy paint finish, hazardous duty fixtures, light and power motion sensors.
  5. Depth, width, and height all can be varied based on particular customer application.
  6. Regain air system – slotted adjustable tube that pushes filtered air from front of the wet booth station.
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