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Mail Screening Services

As a leader in the industry, DualDraw also offers comprehensive Mail Screening Services & Accessories. These include: Turnkey Mail Screening Services, Risk Assessments, Best Practice Presentations, On-Site Equipment Training, Preventative Maintenance, and Replacement Filters.  For more information, please click on the link below.

For more information, please click on the link below.


Mail Screening Platform with Airflow Protection: MRB Series

The original Mail Screening Platform with Airflow Protection is designed to protect the breathing zones of operators from airborne pathogens, white powders, and chemicals while screening packages and letters for suspicious items. This popular product uses certified HEPA filtration and the DualDraw patented downdraft technology to maintain a symmetrical, even airflow to protect the operator while performing mail screening activities.  Recommended equipment based on mail security requirements as published in 41 CFR 102-192.


Mail Screening Platform MailSentry Series:
Helping Protect Law Enforcement

The DualDraw MailSentry series has been successfully deployed to law enforcement officials to help protect against dangerous substances sent through the mail.  It is designed to help protect corrections and law enforcement officers from exposure to fentanyl, synthetic opioids, and other harmful substances.  The mail screening platform features DualDraw’s patented air filtration technology, as well as a compact and affordable design that is easy-to-use and deploy.


Mail Screening Platform with Biological Detection: AIRCHX BIO Series

The DualDraw Mail Screening Platform with Biological Detection combines the features of the patented DualDraw downdraft technology with the PathSensors BioFlash MailGuardtm.  The AIRCHX BIO series of our mail screening equipment protects operator breathing zones and alerts operators to the potential presence of a biological weapon, such as bacillus anthracis (Anthrax). This system is a critical tool for any organization concerned about the potential presence of a biohazard in their mail stream.


Mail Screening Platform with Chemical & Explosive Detection: AIRCHX CHEM Series

The Mail Screening Platform with Chemical and Explosive Detection is designed to analyze both particulate and vapor in the air for trace amounts of explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and narcotics. This unique detection process is performed while simultaneously protecting operator breathing zones from airborne pathogens, including harmful biological weapons such as Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax). The combination of the protection of operator breathing zones with the detection of harmful substances is unparalleled in the marketplace today and positions the AIRCHX CHEM mail screening equipment as a top mail screening product available to customers concerned about the safety of their mail.


Mail Screening Platform with XRay Detection: AIRCHX XRAY Series

The Mail Screening Platform with X-ray Detection combines the features of the baseline Mail Screening Platform with visual detection capabilities using a compact, cabinet x-ray system manufacture by SCANNA. The cabinet X-ray system is fully enclosed inside the hooded screening platform, thus operators breathing zones are protected while analyzing visual images on the included color monitor. The X-ray system is simple to operate and designed to allow imaging of most standard size packages and envelopes in its X-ray cavity.


Mail Screening Platform with Explosive Detection: AIRCHX EXP Series

The Mail Screening Platform with Explosive Detection combines the features of the DualDraw baseline Mail Screening Platform with a handheld explosive detection device. The Flir Systems’ FIDO rests inside the hooded screening platform and enables operators to analyze mail and packages for the presence of explosives. Screening performed by operators simultaneously allows for the detection of dangerous explosives while protecting operator breathing zones from airborne pathogens using downdraft technology. The hand-held device can be disconnected from the table at any time, providing for maximum versatility and multiple use.


Mail Screening Platform with CBRNE Detection: AIRCHX CBRNE Series

The DualDraw Mail Screening Platform with CBRNE Detection is the most complete mail screening solution available on the market today.  The platform combines commercially available off-the-shelf trace detection instrumentation for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) substances with the protective airflow of the DualDraw downdraft system.  The integrated solution provides operators with the tools needed to fully screen incoming packages and letters for threats.  In addition, bulk detection (X-ray) can be added for enhanced visual inspection.


Many government and private security officials have identified incoming mail and packages as a vulnerability.  This risk was highlighted years ago by the tragic events shortly following 9/11 that claimed the lives of five individuals handling mail. It was following these events that DualDraw broadened its homeland security products and service offerings to include mail screening.

These products employ the same patented symmetrical airflow design used to protect the thousands of operators using our industrial air pollution control equipment. Specialized detection instrumentation is then integrated into our standard cabinet design to provide operator awareness of hazardous items.  Instrumentation can be configured based on user preference to detect the presence of chemical, biological, and/or explosive threats that may be sent through the mail. Our homeland security products are designed to be placed inside offices, mailrooms, entry screening checkpoints, and other secure inspection areas. They provide safety to operators through airflow protection of breathing zones and detection of some of the following:

• Chemicals – detects a wide range of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA’s) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC’s)
• Biohazards – systems will alert operators when a biological agent is present such as Anthrax or Ricin
• Radiological – identifies potentially hazardous radiation sources, such as gamma and neutron radiation – potential signs of a “dirty” bomb
• Nuclear – identifies key radiological ingredients associated with a nuclear weapon
• Explosives – both commercial grade and homemade explosives can be detected using integrated trace detection technology or X-ray.

DualDraw mail screening services include full outsourced detection for the above CBRNE threats, risk assessments, and preventative maintenance services. Our procedures follow industry best practices, many of which are developed using US Federal Government standards, specifically 41 CFR 102.192§70-80. Our experience in handling potentially hazardous mail, conducting screening operations including X-ray screening, and sampling for CBRNE threats, is highly effective due to our intense focus on quality. We ensure that quality and safety, not speed, dictate how we screen mail. We ensure that our mail screening services, engineering controls, training programs, and quality control (QC) initiatives meet operational objectives while sustaining a safe, secure work environment.

Our homeland security products for sale, specific mail screening services and protocols are based on industry best practices combined with specific customer requirements, including procedures for receiving, sorting, screening, clearing, safeguarding, transporting, and delivering mail – as well as procedures for identifying, isolating, verifying, recording, and, when directed, disposing of threats.

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