MRB Series

Mail Screening Platform with Airflow Protection

Our entry-level, price sensitive Mail Screening Platform with Airflow Protection is designed to protect the breathing zones of operators from airborne particulate or powders while they are screening mail and inspecting for suspicious items. This is accomplished using a patented downdraft technology that maintains constant protective airflow around the operator and creates a safe, hooded area to perform mail sorting and mail screening procedures.

The air handling process draws air downward and backward away from the operator’s breathing zone, through thousands of perforations in the work surface and vented back stop, and finally, prior to exhausting, through a powerful filtration system that captures particles smaller than the size of an Anthrax spore. HEPA filtration inside the cabinet is 99.97% efficient to a 0.3 micron and captures pathogens that could potentially be released into a workplace environment and cause work disruptions or cross contamination.

Platforms are available in a variety of sizes based on customer need and all units are independently certified for filter integrity prior to shipment. Most models can be retro-fitted to add additional detection instrumentation if desired.  DualDraw also works directly with customers to customize solutions based on specific requirements.

All DualDraw mail screening equipment closely follows Federal Mail Screening guidelines as specified under 41 CFR 102.192.70-80 and the Department of Homeland Security Best Practices for Mail Screening and Handling Processes.

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