Mail Screening Platform with Chemical & Explosive Detection

The Mail Screening Platform with Chemical & Explosive Detection is designed to analyze both particulate and the vapor in the air for trace amounts of explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and narcotics. The unique detection process of this mail screening equipment is performed while simultaneously protecting operator breathing zones from airborne pathogens, including harmful biological weapons such as bacillus anthracis (Anthrax). This is accomplished using the features of the baseline MRB Series in combination with a Smiths Detection SABRE 5000 handheld device. The detection of explosives, CWA’s, TIC’s, and narcotics is performed by extracting an air or particle sample from the downdraft of air or the object in question and delivering this sample to the handheld detection device. The hand-held SABRE mail screener can be disconnected from the table at anytime, providing for maximum versatility. The combination of the protection of operator breathing zones with the detection of harmful substances is unparalleled in the marketplace today.

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