Mail Screening Platform with Biological Detection

Industry-leading protection from dangerous mail and packages.

The DualDraw Mail Screening Platform with Biological Detection combines the features of our baseline MRB Series Mail Screening Platform with the PathSensors BioFlash MailGuard System.  This innovative AIRCHX BIO Series Mail Screening Platform can test both packages and standard mail for wide variety of dangerous substances, such as anthrax, ricin, and Ebola, that may have been maliciously sent through the mail to an unsuspecting recipient.

White powder hoaxes regularly cause significant workplace disruption and productivity loss.  These costly events distract our first responders and reduce organizational effectiveness.  In addition to helping provide mail security and safety, DualDraw Mail Screening Platforms can be used to contain items where a suspicious powder has been identified or detected.

The detection process that takes place in the equipment is performed using PathSensor’s CANARY technology.  Developed by MIT, CANARY identifies more than 25+ pathogens faster and more economically than other technologies in the marketplace.  Detection is performed simultaneously while the downdraft airflow helps protect screening operator breathing zones from air borne pathogens and chemicals.  Airflow pulls these hazards into a robust three-tier filtration system, consisting of a prefilter to capture larger particles and paper dust, an activated carbon filter to mitigate any potential toxic industrial chemical or chemical warfare agent release, and finally a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.  The HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient to a 0.3 µ and will capture biological pathogens.  As a point of reference, anthrax ranges in particle size from 1.0 to 3.0 µ.

DualDraw is uniquely qualified to support your mail screening needs using this breakthrough technology.  The combination of protection of operator breathing zones with detection of harmful substances is unparalleled in the marketplace today.  Platforms are designed to meet Federal mail screening requirements as outline in 41 CFR 102-192 and are available in a variety of sizes based on customer need.  All units are independently third-party certified for filter integrity prior to shipment.  DualDraw can also work directly with customers to customize solutions.

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