MailSentry Series : Helping Protect Law Enforcement

As reported by the media, corrections and law enforcement officers are at risk of being exposed to fentanyl and other dangerous substances during the mail screening process.  To address this threat, DualDraw has developed its MailSentry Down Draft Table.


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The DualDraw MailSentry Series Downdraft Table is designed to help protect corrections and law enforcement officers from exposure to fentanyl, synthetic opioids, and other harmful substances. It is being used today by hundreds of law enforcement, government and commercial customers during the mail screening process. It features DualDraw’s patented air filtration technology, as well as a compact and affordable design that is easy-to-use and deploy.

The MailSentry follows the design principles of our entry-level, price sensitive MRB Mail Screening Platform.  It is built to protect the breathing zones of operators from airborne particulate or powders while they are screening mail and inspecting for suspicious items. This is accomplished using a patented downdraft technology that maintains constant protective airflow around the operator and creates a safe, hooded area to perform mail sorting and mail screening procedures.

NOTE:  Photo used with permission from Baltimore Sun Media

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