Stand Alone Filtration System with Fume Arm

The DualDraw Stand-Alone Portable Filtration System with Extraction Arm is a portable air filtration unit designed to provide users with the ability to collect hazardous dust and fumes with maximum versatility.

A popular option to consider is the extraction arm equipped with the proprietary DualDraw Panel Nose ™ attachment. This unique arm attachment provides maximum collection efficiency of dust and fumes and is exclusively available only through DualDraw.

Filtration media for the unit is based on user application and can be configured to handle a range of airborne contaminants including but not limited to welding fumes, grinding dust, toxic vapors, combustible aluminum dust, airborne droplets containing spores, bacteria, virus and more. Our Portable Filtration System with Fume Arm ships complete from the factory with a set of new filters in the unit, caster wheels for portability, and a standard 115V plug to get your operation up and running in minutes.

The DualDraw approach to air quality is unique in the marketplace – we guarantee your satisfaction.

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