Stand-Alone Portable Air Filtration System with Cartridge Filtration

The DualDraw Stand-Alone Portable Filtration System with Cartridge Filters is a portable air filtration unit designed to provide users with heavy-duty capability to collect dust, fumes, and other hazardous airborne particles. The unit comes standard with a flange for users to connect ducting attached to pre-existing tables, hoods, or other air capture mechanisms. Flange sized based on user requirement.

Cartridge filtration media is based on user application and can be configured to handle a range of airborne contaminants including but not limited to weld fume, grinding dust, and more.  HEPA afterfilters are also available for added filtration on the exhaust.  The portable air filtration unit ships complete from the factory with a set of new filters in the unit and is ready to deployed simply by bringing required power to the equipment.

The DualDraw approach to air quality is unique in the marketplace – we guarantee your satisfaction.

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