DualDraw Air Quality Case Study

Navigating Unique Business and Technical Challenges: Metalor China


Metalor, a Swiss based multi-national company founded in 1852, deals with precious and exotic metals ranging from silver to rhodium. Metalor contacted DualDraw about their silver refining process. The silver is delivered as an extremely fine powder, so fine that any type of movement or ambient air disturbs the powder and causes it to be dispersed in the ambient air. The company discovered that it was losing substantial quantities of silver through necessary steps in the refining process and thus costing them significant dollars. Metalor looked to DualDraw to create a solution to contain and recover the silver dust that may be lost in the process while maintaining operator safety. Continue reading this air quality case study to find out how we were able to target the issue and find a solution.


DualDraw needed to identify a solution that would create a protective and efficient environment for the refining process while effectively capturing the excess silver dust for reprocessing. Additionally, given the nature of the process as communicated by the engineers, DualDraw’s standard downdraft air quality equipment would not suffice – the standard 34” work surface would be much too high. In order to create the most effective solution, DualDraw knew it needed to work closely with Metalor to truly understand the process and define the requirements. This proved to be no easy task as this specific Metalor facility was located in Shizou, China. With a language barrier and a ten hour time difference, email correspondence was the only option.


After communicating at length with Metalor and its engineering group via email, DualDraw designed a downdraft unit that more than meets the needs of this unique process. Metalor is now able to collect the excess silver dust that was lost prior to the installation of the downdraft booths. This is accomplished by burning the silver-saturated replacement filters and extracting and collecting all of the precious silver from this burning process. Metalor purchased a modified TB3048 (48” downdraft booth) and a modified TB3096 (96” downdraft booth). Both with a 17” high work surface, lowered from the standard 34” height. DualDraw also modified several electrical components to satisfy all Chinese electrical requirements. All of this accomplished through working closely with this international customer to design a solution that incorporates the patented and proven DualDraw design.

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