DualDraw Air Quality Case Study

Hexavalent Chromium Containment: Maysville Community and Technical College


Established in 1968, Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) operates under the statewide Kentucky Community and Technical College system and is made up of four separate campuses. MCTC specializes in a variety of trades, ranging from horticulture to welding technology. Check out how we were able to avoid hexavalent chromium hazards at MCTC.


MCTC contacted DualDraw to provide a solution for its welding program. The college made a decision to change the carpentry shop into a multi-purpose lab. Welding was one of several different trades that would be taught in the lab and air filtration equipment was needed to protect students from hazardous welding fumes and smoke. Specifically, protection from hexavalent chromium, a compound found in welding fumes that can cause very serious short and long term health problems when inhaled, was a major concern driving the project. Due to this concern, DualDraw’s downdraft technology became even more necessary. Rather than pull the fumes up through a fume hood, and across the operator’s breathing zone, DualDraw’s technology ensures that the smoke is -pulled downward and evenly across the table surface – no matter where the work is performed. This technical approach ensures that fumes do not enter the breathing zone, and therefore will not be inhaled.


While protecting students was paramount, budget was also a top concern and cost was a major factor in the decision making process. Faced with the task of providing the most cost-effective solution while maintaining a safe work space, DualDraw had to be creative with its approach. By taking a standard 72” welding booth and installing a middle divider, two separate work spaces were created while incorporating the same high quality downdraft technology. DualDraw worked further with MCTC to create the best solution for the situation. The 72” booths ended up being equipped with caster wheels for mobility and welding curtain brackets for further containment and eye protection. The collaborative nature of this project with the customer resulted in a cost-effective solution that created two workspaces for the price of one while providing a safe and efficient environment for MCTC’s students.

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TB3072-IS 72” Downdraft BoothCase_Study_Hexvalent

with Internal Filter System
and Middle Divider