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Why DualDraw? We help people breathe easier

DualDraw was founded back in the mid 1990's to help people breathe easier. Our founders owned a job shop at the time and came to the realization that our technicians were experiencing serious health issues due to the inhalation of welding fume and grinding dust. We became seriously concerned about our employees well-being. We also experienced the negative business impact of employee absenteeism and cross contamination of equipment next to work cells due to the grinding dust. Something had to be done. This led to the design and build of our first downdraft table. The year was 1995. We patented the technology and a business was born.


We continue today to accomplish the founding objective of helping people breathe easier. Not only through the improvement of employee health but also through helping owners and management of organizations navigate the challenge of indoor air quality regulations such as those enforced by OSHA and NFPA.


Our patented air filtration designs, downdraft booths, walk-in clean air stations, stand alone filter systems, and other indoor air filtration solutions help numerous organizations both domestically and internationally. We hope we have the opportunity to help you as well.


Popular Downdraft Industry FAQs:

Why are DualDraw downdraft tables unique in the marketplace?

We hold patents on the design of our downdraft tables and booths (US Patent 5,807,414 and 6,290,740). The symmetrical airflow that is created as a result of the perforated design of the table surface and vented back set us apart in the marketplace.


This allows the user maximized efficiency of airflow across the table surface –even draw across the table surface ensures that the operator is protected no matter where they perform their application. 


Can I speak with a customer who is currently using your product?

No problem. We have many satisfied customers across the country and internationally that use our downdraft equipment.
Call us and we will put you in touch with a few that can speak to you about our product and their experience with our company. 


Can someone come visit my facility to view the problem I want to address?

We can typically arrange for this to happen however it will depend upon where you are located and the level of complexity of the application you are interested in addressing. The higher the complexity, the more likely we will be able to send someone from the plant or have one of our air quality equipment dealers come visit.


More often, the application is something we have addressed multiple times and through some questioning we will be able to quickly determine if there is a good fit between our product and your situation. 


Can you customize solutions?

We specialize in customization. Call us today to begin working with our design team. See our Case Studies page for some examples of some custom jobs. 


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